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[MUSIC] [BLANK_AUDIO] Hey, hey. Essence Live. I'm Dana Blair. And in case you're just tuning in, we're at the SuperDome. It's Night Number Two here at the 2016 Essence Festival. Joining me now, I have my own personal idol. I worship the ground she walks on. Principal ballerina is Misty Copeland. How are you? I'm so, so good. This is my first Essence Festival. Okay. And it is so exciting. And I'm bummed that walked in at the tail end of Jeremy. Like my manager was like, you wanna see who? I was like I love him. Him and Mariah, I was really looking forward to. But I got the end of We and it was Was awesome. It was awesome. So what's in your playlist because I imagine it's all classical music but No, no, no, no. There's classical music for things that we're rehearsing for just really need to know what it is I'm doing but no I love R&B and hip hop and grew up on Mariah Carey and Aretha Franklin and Anita Baker and I listened to Amelia Rouge, Jeremiah Drake Yeah, all of it. so you were here, you were speaking at the convention center a little bit earlier today. What were you speaking on? I was with Soledad O'Brien for the first even and we kind of just touched on my story, body image, we spoke about Prince a bit. And it was just such a beautiful response I felt from the audience. And then I was with Julie Wilson after that at the beauty expo talking about fashion and beauty and body image again and clothing and how I take care of myself. So it's just been so exciting and so much fun to see. A crowd full of people that look like you that are here because this represents positivity. And it's just exciting to be a part of it. I'm so excited that you're here. I could sit here and talk to you all day. I know you want to get to the concerts, but first I have to ask. NOLA's all about cuisine and good food, have you had a chance to try any of it out? I haven't. I literally just arrived. And I'm excited to venture into the town maybe tonight or tomorrow before I leave, but I'm open to it all. You mentioned a little bit earlier that you're heading back to rehearsal. Where can our Essence live audience catch you? I just finished my spring season at the Metropolitan Opera House, and I'm heading on tour to LA. I'll be performing Firebird, and then Wolf Trap to do Romeo and Juliet. It's right outside of DC, so yeah. Awesome, thank you so much, Ms. D. Thank you so very much, it's an honor and a pleasure. Essence Live, check out this performance from Digable Planets that happened last night, but all the oldies and tunes you used to bop to. Digable Planets. [MUSIC]

Misty Copeland Shares What's on Her Playlists for Work and Play

Shame on us for thinking classical music was the only thing on Misty Copeland's iTunes! The ballerina talks what she loves listening to from Mariah Carey to Drake, loving fashion and beauty and embracing the positive experience that is festival.