‘Star’ Fan Favorite Miss Lawrence Is Proud To Play A Black ‘Gender Non-Conforming’ Character On TV
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'Star' Fan Favorite Miss Lawrence Is Proud To Play A Black 'Gender Non-Conforming' Character On TV

The Fox hit series is one of those rare shows that goes beyond aesthetic diversity to include stories that represent everyone.

Miss Lawrence has gone from a celebrated hair stylist to reality television star to series regular on a primetime show. But it didn’t take long for Miss Lawrence’s Miss Bruce to become a fan favorite on Lee Daniels’ hit series Star.

The series sees Miss Bruce sparking up a relationship with Harold Perrineau’s Bobby, and a friendship with Luke James’ Noah. The actor said he’s proud of Star‘s diversity and it’s one of the reasons why he signed onto the series.

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“You don’t often get to see a gender non-conforming character that is Black have a relationship, a friendship, with a heterosexual Black man,” Lawrence told ESSENCE.

Lawrence added, “To be a part of a show that has such a huge diversity of color and LGBTQ representation is very important. I don’t think we capitalize on it enough but I do think the more and more we start to see people that are Black and gay in these spaces, the more and more we can take the bandaid off of unhealed wounds.”

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Although Lawrence is enjoying his time away from the stylist chair, initially he said he was hesitant to jump into the entertainment space.

“Going into this whole chapter of entertainment, I was not 100% sure of how the world and viewers would react to me as an actor,” he explained. “To learn that I am a favorable means a lot to me.”

Watch the video above to hear more from Lawrence and his experience on Star.


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