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Hi, my name is Mico Brant, I'm the cofounder and co CEO of Miss Jessies. And I'm here today to talk to you about 5 tips for transitioning. Transitioning is a method to get back to your natural texture, and it typically takes time. It's a series of phases that many people take while they are getting back to their natural texture. So in order to get closer to your natural texture, we don't want you to do anything that would bring you back to square one, which would be straight hair by way of hot tools. And sometimes you know, although hot tools are not a chemical, and we didn't use chemical to straighten your hair, hot tools can cause heat damage which therefore can give you straight hair, which would bring you back to square 1. So we really want you to be careful when using any kind of heat because we would hate for you to start all over again. Number 2, you gotta be patient when you're transitioning. Transitioning is definitely a process, so you gotta get your mind right and be patient. We know that you weren't a candidate to big chop, which means take it all off at one time. So you know, it's gonna a few years, maybe around 2 years to completely transition. You really wanna get your mind right and you gotta be patient when you're transitioning. Tip 3, be realistic when you're transitioning. Many of us are trying to get back to our natural state and being realistic about what God gave you is the key. Tip 4, while transitioning, incorporate a healthy diet. While you're getting back to natural, you're really dependant on the state of your natural hair. So that natural texture needs to be strong, it needs to be shiny, it needs to be healthy. So everything you put in your body is really going to be the foundation for great natural hair. Tip 5, while transitioning back to your natural texture, you want to find a style that's gonna distract you and keep your mind off the grow out process. So whether you do protective styling, braids, even a braided weave, or a pony-tail, anything that's gonna keep your mind off of that transition and that grow out period would be wonderful.
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