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[BLANK_AUDIO] It's no secret that hair is a major topic among women of color. but recently, it's become a trending [LAUGH] subject for our fellahs, mm, as well. [LAUGH] August [UNKNOWN] Has been spotted rocking a bomb twist out. Freddy **** has no shame in his lock extensions game and although a lot of us laughed at those love Jaheim's we all know his blowout was perfect. [LAUGH] Most recently Jaheim revealed his new dew a press and curl. Yes, the R & B singer posted this pic of himself on social media. And Twitter fingers were in full effect. @jealouscloud Tweeted, every hair on Jaheim's mane was majestically placed and looked fragile like a wobbly Jenga. [LAUGH] Partilist, what are thoughts for rocking men, on our men rocking these new do's? [LAUGH] Once it. Shade, Slayed, slayed. Wait a minute, Tony why is there a slay? Why? [CROSSTALK] Hold on. The first when you'll see Jaheim's hair is yes b****, yes. Yes honey. They were slays of gods. Yes. No. [LAUGH] He had the missing, the misdemeanor Elliot Finkle waves with the Steven A Smith George Jefferson Hairline. I'm so mad at you. Here's the thing, yes. You said an A Smith- I swear to God, here's the thing, this is why I say slayed, and this is the mistake that he's making What? The highlights? When you do stuff like that. No, no. [LAUGH] [LAUGH] When you- No extensions. When you wear a purple joker outfit to Whitney Houston's funeral, when you get a bumping curl, pressing curl, whatever that was, and you've got the Internet buzzing, you gotta drop a single. 99 cent single- [LAUGH] Your mix tape. It got to be called [INAUDIBLE] [INAUDIBLE] Make that money. If you're gonna do it, if you got the internet buzzing, because the memes on Jaheim were Easy. [LAUGH] They said, no, no brother, you got to get your own. [LAUGH] I stayed in my office, I was there from nine to five. Nine to five. I'm not even talking [INAUDIBLE], no one, no one. I understand. Daniel, you slay this too? I'm giving Jaheim a slay, honey. Okay. Listen- He's giving you a good lip there, that's what I think. Jaheim gave me face Yes, he did. He gave you smize Yes, he did. He gave you edges, honey. No, no edges. [LAUGH] And the edges are relative- No edges. Because it depends on where they start. If they start here, those are your edges. That's true. You know, still. But I appreciate anybody who is going to go against the norm. I also appreciate the fact that Jaheim knows he isn't Not popular. So therefore if I give myself a perm, right, they're talking about me now. Now I'm the stuff, now I'm out here. Would you go on a date with a brother who showed up at your door looking like that Danielle? Let's talk about it. Come one. Did it, did it, is it natural or is it a perm? #lies, #lies. Corey, you're shading shade. My men with a closed crop. My girl. Maybe some- Listen y'all. Give, let the man have his straight hair too. No, no. We can switch it up. I'm sorry. Team natural can switch it up. And sometimes it's straight jealousy if it looks better than mine. No you can't be out here with- You have the same hair point. No. I can't be at Tracy at 2:00. And then you there are 3:30. It doesn't work that way. My cool wash, my conditioner. No it doesn't work that way, sorry. Look at Jaheem,y'all. He has never looked better. No, no. No. He look like he has been eating vegan, his skin is clear No, he looked a lot better when he had the braids.>> I was so angry when he changed them. I will tell you this though, Jackson. Please, I don't want to see any of the washed up singers or the rappers doing that, hey baby, what's my man name Hurricane Chris? Don't get a perm, don't do it. don't get a weave. What? What if 2 Chainz? James cuts his dreads off- Don't even speak out his last name. [CROSSTALK] Don't even do it. Kaylah. I know Facebook is saying something, I know that- Everybody is laughing their behinds off. I love that Tony said [SOUND]. [LAUGH] And the guys are chiming in, so Dwayne Smith said, all the suspects are looking suspect, but you ain't hear that from me. [LAUGH] But he just put it on Facebook with his name. [LAUGH] He put it out there. [UNKNOWN] says Only Prince could rock it. And I kind of agree. That is true. Only Prince. There are certain things- And MJ. Andre 3000. That's true- Andre 3000. [CROSSTALK] No one's mad at Andre. That's true. Okay, all right. [BLANK_AUDIO]
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