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[MUSIC] If we showed we liked something or we showed that [BLANK_AUDIO] We're sensual beings. We're always call [INAUDIBLE]. That's just something all black girls have been called. This is my chance to reclaim it and make it something positive. The collective we give people a platform to show their works especially for people of color that opportunities are not something that's readily available There's a need for exposure for young artists of color and young **** artists and other marginalized people. So we were just thinking, why don't we make the platform to launch other people's art and get other people recognized? So that's kind of where the collective was born. It's important that it's called Art Hoes because we wanted to find how weird [UNKNOWN], so we get to choose our narrative. We get to represent ourselves. One of the problems that young people of color really face, especially in today's society, is stereotypes. All black kids, we all just like the same thing. We're like a monolithic group. Our art is who we are as individuals. The impact that I was see is make as collectives. I want people to really care about the art and I really want people to use the best of their ability to like show that they matter There is no a lot positive imagery of people or colors. So, it's really important to create that and know that their kids at age Creating that. You can go on your phone and see yourself and see other people praising your art and praising your story and telling you they feel the same way. That's a validation that a lot of people never get. I want people of color to be normal in our world. You know, there's art, and then there's black art. I want there to be art I want it to be art, basically. Because that's who we are. We are art. [MUSIC] [BLANK_AUDIO]

Meet the Art Hoe Collective, a Group of Young Black Female Creatives Crushing Stereotypes

'ESSENCE Black Girl Magic' docu-series currently features 18-year-old Sage Adams, a Brooklyn-based artist and activist who is part of the Art Hoe Collective, a group of young artists of color who address race and representation in art. These teen trailblazers aim to crush cultural stereotypes, piece by piece, with a lot of help from their digital community.