Exclusive: The McClure Twins Team Up With Another Identical Duo For #Twinning Makeup

Last year, the Internet fell in love with the McClure Twins and if their growing social media following is any indication...we're still smitten.

The inseparatable, pint-sized fashionistas are known for their adorable quips and sassy comebacks, but what happens when you add another twinning duo to the mix? In short: hilarity.

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During a recent visit to the ESSENCE office, we challenged Ava and Alexis to flex their makeup skills on our Beauty Editor Nykia Spradley and her twin sister, Jessica Anderson. Press play to see the....interesting results. 

ESSENCE.COM Feb, 22, 2017
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Hi ladies. Hi. You. Yes, I'm Jessica. And you're Alexis. [INAUDIBLE] And that is [INAUDIBLE] What's her name? Nykia. Yes. Mm-hm. And we're twins. We're twins just like you. [MUSIC] You wanna try to put some makeup on us? Yes. You do? It's kinda like painting. It's like painting yeah. Yeah it's like painting a face instead of painting on paper, you get to paint a face. A rock? A face. Face. Yes. Okay, what are we going to do first? Do the makeup Yeah? Where are you going to put that one? I think I'll go eyes. On my eyes? Okay, here we go Now? Mm-hm. Okay. How's it look? Good. Good, yeah, the other one now. [INAUDIBLE] I love how meticulous you are. Should I go like this? Yes. Yes, okay. I'm done. I have to- And now what's next? The purple one. Ooh, that is dark purple. You don't have to close your eyes. I don't have to close my eyes? All right. Just do it like this. Just do this? You are so meticulous, I love it, you're making sure you get all All the little corners of our lip. That too? Okay, where does that go? Where this go? [LAUGH] I know where this goes. What is it? [MUSIC] [LAUGH] This is white. [LAUGH] Sorry, [LAUGH] I think [LAUGH] What's this do, what's it's do? [LAUGH] I think we have to squeeze it and then, maybe it'll, look. What's that? That's the lip gloss. It's getting up by the brow action. [MUSIC] A little brow bone color? [MUSIC] Woo. My lips are very, very moisturized. [LAUGH] I feel like this is gonna be a masterpiece. Mm-hm. Yes? [INAUDIBLE] You finished? I'm not finished. This is all over your face. It's all over my face. It's all over you. [LAUGH] Yeah it's all over me. I can tell. [BLANK_AUDIO] [MUSIC]