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Hi ladies. Hi. You. Yes, I'm Jessica. And you're Alexis. [INAUDIBLE] And that is [INAUDIBLE] What's her name? Nykia. Yes. Mm-hm. And we're twins. We're twins just like you. [MUSIC] You wanna try to put some makeup on us? Yes. You do? It's kinda like painting. It's like painting yeah. Yeah it's like painting a face instead of painting on paper, you get to paint a face. A rock? A face. Face. Yes. Okay, what are we going to do first? Do the makeup Yeah? Where are you going to put that one? I think I'll go eyes. On my eyes? Okay, here we go Now? Mm-hm. Okay. How's it look? Good. Good, yeah, the other one now. [INAUDIBLE] I love how meticulous you are. Should I go like this? Yes. Yes, okay. I'm done. I have to- And now what's next? The purple one. Ooh, that is dark purple. You don't have to close your eyes. I don't have to close my eyes? All right. Just do it like this. Just do this? You are so meticulous, I love it, you're making sure you get all All the little corners of our lip. That too? Okay, where does that go? Where this go? [LAUGH] I know where this goes. What is it? [MUSIC] [LAUGH] This is white. [LAUGH] Sorry, [LAUGH] I think [LAUGH] What's this do, what's it's do? [LAUGH] I think we have to squeeze it and then, maybe it'll, look. What's that? That's the lip gloss. It's getting up by the brow action. [MUSIC] A little brow bone color? [MUSIC] Woo. My lips are very, very moisturized. [LAUGH] I feel like this is gonna be a masterpiece. Mm-hm. Yes? [INAUDIBLE] You finished? I'm not finished. This is all over your face. It's all over my face. It's all over you. [LAUGH] Yeah it's all over me. I can tell. [BLANK_AUDIO] [MUSIC]
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