Mathew Knowles to Host a 'Beyonce Bootcamp'

Mathew Knowles is offering aspiring superstars a chance to learn the tricks of the trade with a "Beyonce bootcamp." Will our panel throw shade or give him a slay?

ESSENCE.COM Oct, 15, 2015
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[SOUND] A day long seminar dubbed Beyonce Bootcamp, which promises to give key advice to any individual wanting to get into the entertainment industry. Mathew Knowles is setting the record straight and letting critics know He's not trying to cash in on his daughter. [COUGH] [LAUGH] He explains, I'm not just Beyonce's father. People want to brand me as that. I'm the brains behind the success. Okay, Mr. Knowles. Now Mr. Knowles has apparently taken his, the entertainment industry How do I get in seminar to Barbados and Paris, and he also plans on taking it to select cities across the United States. So I know you all have a lot to say so I'm nervous to look, but on the count of three is this slayed or shade? One, two, three, slayed, shade, shade. Okay, Corey, why is this a shade? Okay There was something I read in article where he was like, Oh, I spent a day with Blue Ivy a couple of months ago. And I'll probably spend another day with her in a few more months, which let me know you don't spend no time with your family. Right. Mmhm. Okay. Okay. Which means, y'all must have some really bad blood between you. And yes, I get it. you were the brains behind Destiny's Child in the beginning of her career. But, let Beyonce be Beyonce and stop trying to **** your daughter's name because that is what you're doing. Basically. Because clearly, you're not close with them any more. And we all knew about his other financial troubles. It just screams Desperation. He was selling memorabilia, wasn't he? At one point? Like a garage sale or something like that? Yeah, and he went on the Breakfast Club this morning and said oh, because he had so much space he had to clean out his. He had like 6,000 square feet so he had to clean out all this Stuff he had. Well I have 600 square feet in Brooklyn. I'm just saying. I'm just saying. Kelis. Ladies first, Maury. I didn't say anything. I agree with his body language. [LAUGH] Maury shifted his chair like, hold on. I gotta say something in a minute. Here's what I said, cuz I'm a parent I hate that people put the dad first because if he was doing this the traditional way, nobody would say, you can't be a legitimate manager or agent. If you manage somebody who blew up, then you get to move to new clients. So, this world is hard to have a job in and if he figured out how to support Beyonce, I'm sure he can find some other talent. So he should be able to He should be able to get money off of it. Now allegedly he has tried. I think he has his own label and she's trying to grow other talent, but the gospel. [INAUDIBLE] [CROSSTALK] That's here. Gospel artists, things of that nature so, you know. That was me being shady. Let me throw it up. Shade. [LAUGH] Now Warrick, thank you, thank you. Shade. Warrick, you had a sashay? I did, I mean. Two for one combo Always, right, with a biscuit? Yeah. [LAUGH] So, here's the thing. That's her dad. He participated in her creation. So, it's like you're kinda not pimping that aspect of, but we really know that you're pimping that aspect, cuz it's the thing that made you big. I don't know. It's kind of a difficult one, but it's one of those things where, if people won't let you move on From that anyway. Because I know for a long time I had a client for a long time. And people kept me in that box with that client. Every time I was seen, I was referred to as so-and-so's stylist. And it's like no actually, I have a plethora of clients, but you're focusing on that one. So I guess he's in a place where it could be like, if you're gonna keep focusing on that, let me go ahead and sell everything that's in my garage. Cuz I can use the space. Cuz I need to put the baby's crib in here now. Cuz he just got here. Okay. See what I'm saying? That was a [UNKNOWN], a [UNKNOWN]. Mm-hm. On top of that, you know, it's one of those things where it's like, I have information. Mm-hm. Why not sell it? Now a question. All of you are very successful in your careers. Would you all pay one ninety nine, or would you have paid one ninety nine to take a seven hour workshop from [UNKNOWN] Knowles on how to get into the industry? And anybody can answer. I will say at the beginning of my career, there was book on how to be a star. Stylist, written by a woman who was an agent for a stylist and stuff. I forget her name, Crystal something or other. Mm-hm. And that book had eight editions. Oh, okay. I remember buying the book. Okay. So, clearly there [CROSSTALK] is somebody in Kansas. There's a market for it. Okay. Yeah, there is somebody in Kansas that can't get to New York to get the information that we have. Yeah. Look, in this business, any time you wanna be something, somebody's gonna try to make money off of you. Headshot, photog classes, how to pose. Even when you're a celebrity. I'm about to start a class on how to sit in a chair next to you. Do it! And display our shade, so. But can we be on it? When you- No, no, no. When you sign on, even if you sign a record deal, there's people waiting at the door to be your publicist. People wanna teach you how to be your. All these other [CROSSTALK] Manners. Everybody has something to sell. He just happened to capitalize on his daughter's name, which by the time this materializes it probably won't be Beyonce Boot Camp. So it won't. So let's check back in with you all on Facebook. Shalise said no shade, she is what she is because of his direction and management. There are many talented people who don't have a Matthew Knowles to propel them forward. To repel them forward. Okay, interesting, thank you so much Shalise. Now they can buy it for $1.99. [LAUGH] They can buy it for $1.99, then you can get your picture taken for a very an additional small fee. No, you're joking. No, I'm very serious. I'm done. [LAUGH]