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[MUSIC] A corporation like Walmart I believe is not only amazing for a community advocate, but as well as college students, and I'm an example of that. My name is Mary Pedhector, I am National director of an organization entitled [UNKNOWN] network. I am a sophomore at Spellman College, and the founder of my own organization entitled Just Think Twice. My friends Brianna and Mandy are amazing young women who I believe also just reflect who I am as a person I met them before I even came to Spelman. Briana realized that she wasn't prepared for college as a Computer Science Major and so she goes back into the Weston community, educating girls and equipping them with the correct skills that they need. Nandi on the other hand is a part of that organization called sladybu As [UNKNOWN] students, they go back through the middle and high schools to really mentor girls in the West End community. My friends and I met and bonded because we understand the importance of educating not only ourselves, but empowering our. Communities as well as the next generation of young people. We often find ourselves working with other community leaders just like us who understand the importance of a dollar. And that's why Walmart is so important to us in our lives and our work. At Walmart we find stylish clothes, supplies, electronics, and everyday products at low prices. So our sales and the people that we work with. Walmart makes it easy for us to do what we love, and to stay on trend with the limited resources we sometimes have as college students. What a community activist means to me is a person who just gives their time and their heart to uplifting the community and the next generation of young people. You really just have to understand the importance of a dollar. And Walmart understands the importance of a dollar with all of it's amazing products at low prices. It's always been there for me. You pretty much have to be on go like 24 hours a day and Walmart is always there for me, as an activist and as an college student. Student. [MUSIC] Spelman always had a great name, especially in the city of Atlanta. And every black woman that I have met from Spelman College that was anywhere, in any field was amazing. And I looked at them, and I looked at their era. And I watched how they carried themselves. And just how smart and intelligent they were about any and everything that they talked about. And I admired them and I wanted to be just like them. And so at the age of nine years old I knew I had to go to Spelman College. And so when I got that acceptance letter it changed my life. [MUSIC] Black girl magic to me is something that all black women have that can't be appropriated or assimilated it's just something that's in them. And it's their personality it's the way they carry themselves. It's their beauty and it's the way that they use all of those things to really bring change upon the world. College to me and my friends is more than just books. It's a place where I can show what I love to do and help others at the same time. Walmart makes it easy to do both. [MUSIC] To whom much is given, much is required. And I've been giving so much as a community activist and just as a young person, who's experienced and endured so much growing up and I believe because I've been given so much I'm required to give back, and so philanthropy is my magic. [MUSIC]

SPONSORED: College Student/Philanthropist Mary-Pat Does It All

At only 18-years-old, Mary-Pat Hector knows how to change the world. She grew a community service project into a non-profit: Youth in Action USA, which became the nation’s fastest growing youth-led organization. Her national campaign provides safety workshops for schools and also trains teens and college students in youth advocacy techniques. Mary-Pat travels to speak at high schools, colleges, conferences, women's events, and crisis shelters across the U.S. Find out exactly how this college sophomore exemplifies #BlackGirlMagic.