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[BLANK_AUDIO] You may know her from her hashtag 1000BlackGirlBooks which she started because she was tired of reading, and I quote, about white boys and dogs. So now she's being honored with the Making A Difference Award at this year's Black Girls Rock. Please welcome Marley Dias. Hi. I'm very excited to have here. Thank you. And I love the ensembles. Thank you so much. So talk to me. You've been on tons of morning shows, night shows, you've gone from just being a regular kid if you will to now a celebrity. What is that like? It's a lot of fun and I think it's fun to have social [UNKNOWN] products kind of being in the limelight and showing that it's possible for like younger girls, like younger kids in general, to be able to do to make a change in their community. So that's defiantly important but at the same time I try to avoid having that invade into my school work and my friendships because I don't want them to think that because I'm a celebrity in a certain like aspect like a literary advocate who's been on the news. I don't want them to think that I have to be like that at all times I have to act superstar-ish or pretend like I'm. All that when I'm at school. But you kind of amazing. Thank you. Now, being all that sometimes is okay, I'm just saying. No, so how many books have you collected now to date? About 4000 but we're still donating. So we run out but then we end up, keep getting donations so. So the process is gonna keep going and going. Yes, it's gonna keep going. That's awesome, and you mentioned your friends. What do your friends and teachers at school have to say about your success? My friends, they're very proud of me. But I like to tell them what I'm doing. But I don't go in depth so that they feel jealous or anything. But they're really proud of me and they're happy. And some of them help and some of them are just there for moral support. And they're still like, go Marley. I'm happy, I miss you at school but I'm still excited that You're able to do these things and go to these interviews and promote whatever you're trying to say and my teachers are very proud of me as well. You sound like you have some really great friends. Yes. I do. So, you're a super star, you're sitting there for black girls rock, you're doing great things for your community What do you do during the summer? Or do you have summer plans? Or are you gonna just continue to take over the world this summer? Well, for summer I have camp stuff, and then I have some extra work and extra curricular things that I wanna help with the project. We're thinking of doing a black girl book club, in which we would have a meeting about a black girl book, and we read it over the summer. And I have a discussion with the author, and then Like a live chat over Skype and in person. That is amazing. What is your favorite book? Brown girl dreaming by Jacqueline Woodson. And why do you like that book? I like that book because I'm a very average reader and it was like I've been reading, reading and reading and I got to this book. And I have it. Talent reading and they couldn't understand. It's a poetry book it's a memoire of Jacqueline Wilson's life. And it's really it was really difficult and I was like wow. There's finally a book out there that's like making it hard for me to understand. So ...Was exciting, but it was still difficult. So then I read it. I waited a year, and then I read it, and I understood it. And it meant a lot to me, because I could understand that there was a girl who loved writing, and she was black, and she was experiencing racism and discrimination. I like that, you like the challenge. Yes. I'm super, super proud of you. Thank you. Congratulations on all of your success. Here at Essence you are family. You're welcome to be back anytime and we're gonna support any and everything that you do. And congratulations on your Black Girls Rock Award. Thank you. [BLANK_AUDIO]

Marley Dias Fills Us in on Her Amazing #1000BlackGirlBooks Initiative

Marley Dias was tired of reading about "white boys and dogs" and so #1000BlackGirlBooks was born! The 12 year-old is being honored with this years Black Girls Rock Making a Difference award. Dias stopped by ESSENCE Live to talk about making a difference in her community and how she plans to spend her summer (hint hint it's full of so much #BlackGirlMagic we want to be invited).