Meet ESSENCE Live's New Host: Makho Ndlovu

On this edition of ESSENCE Live, we welcome our new host, Makho Ndlovu! Makho reveals details about herself, including the meaning behind her beautiful name. Check out the above clip.

ESSENCE.COM May, 23, 2017
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[BLANK_AUDIO] I'm gonna try my best at this. M-A M-A M-A-H M-A-C-A-U M-A-H-K-O [SOUND] M-A-H-K-O. M-A-K-H-O. M-A-K-H-O. M-A-K-H-O, duh. God. N-L. N-O-L-V-U N-D-O. I am not even gonna try it. N-O-U-V-E-L. No, that's wrong. I don't know how to spell it. [LAUGH] My God. That was fun you know that they tried, they failed miserably but they tried. Speaking of your name they had some more questions for you Heather so here is the first question. Okay. What dos your name mean? Very interesting nae and I wanna Wanna know what's the meaning of it. Girl, how do you say your last name? Cuz I don't know. How do you say it? Teach me. [LAUGH] Okay, so from what I understand, my name means princess. Makhosazana is my full name, but I just go by Makho for short. And my last name is Ndlovu. We'll have plenty of time for you all to get to learn that. [LAUGH] But it's Ndlovu. Okay. So Keisha, my favorite food to eat from Zimbabwe is this dish we have. It's called [FOREIGN]. Right? [FOREIGN] is delicious. It's essentially corn meal, grits, but you just make it a little bit harder and you eat it with some greens or some beef. That's My favorite dish. And if I were to take you to Zimbabwe, the favorite place that I would take you to is, of course, the Victoria Falls. I mean, those beautiful, majestic waterfalls, I would just, we gotta go. I'll take you there, don't worry. Hey, one more. Okay. My question is, how do you deal with people? And I don't wanna name any names but Lauren who are always trying to steal your shine? You know what? [LAUGH] First of all, I love Lauren. She is very encouraging. But how do I deal with people that try to steal my shine? To be honest with you, I'm a very positive person. I know that sounds so cliche, such a pageant patty answer. But I really don't pay attention to that. I have blinders. I know that I am blessed. Y'all, I am the new Essence Live host. [SOUND] How can I even deal with craziness? I'm too blessed To beat stress. [BLANK_AUDIO]