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We rocking out to common. Lonnie and I are going on the road with the soul twerk team. Go, go, go, go.>> Wasn't ready. How you doing Ms. Loni Love?> Girl I am here at Essence Fest, I am having such a blast. The Real yesterday we had our first live real show. It was great, 4000 people came and today honey guess who we just met.>>Who? Oprah. Show that to the camera The queen herself, Ms. Oprah, was hanging out with The Real cast. What was that like for you? You know what? She has a new show called Queen Sugar that's coming out. We had the cast come on our show, the live show here at Essence Fest, and so she invited us to her party. She's awesome Oprah's phenomenal, Eva DuVernay being one of the few female black directors that we have, we had her on. It's just awesome, essence fest is just awesome. Awesome. I haven't started drinking yet. It's all natural energy. Kicks and pops and twirls. She's going, it's coming, it's Lonnie. Who else are you looking forward to seeing this weekend, Lonnie? Well, I'm looking forward to my girl Mariah. You cannot have an Essence Fest without Mariah, so I am just over the moon about her. And then on Sunday. Puff Daddy, Kendrick Lamar. I mean you know we're just gonna have fun, and you know we need to have this time, we need to have fun. Also, to everybody that's out here, the real is hosting a day party, at the sugar mill tomorrow, Sunday. So, we're gonna be in all white, it's an all white party. I guess because Puffy and the family gonna be coming out. And we are just going to have fun. But it's been a great event it really has. I don't if you are like me because I can't do all white parties because I spill everything, I'm wearing everything on the front. Girl, I have all white parties with a bib. I don't blame you. Lani thank you so very much for joining us. Thank you so very very much.

Loni Love Dishes On Meeting Oprah 

The Real co-host also touches on the importance and influence of director Ava DuVernay.