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[MUSIC] I don't know if I define success. I think I'm constantly redefining success. I would define success as progress. I would define success as any Moment in your life when you feel like you have reached a potential goal and you are now setting a new one. Hi, I'm Logan Browning. I started acting when I was 14. My parents were always very adamant about me doing what I needed to do in order to do the things that I wanted to do. Honestly, the biggest Bump in my road to success has been self doubt. So most actors are well trained. They are theater trained. They went to college for it. Not this girl. I learned being on set. I am going based on my own experiences. But I love to do an accent. I love to feel like I'm just a British woman. I love to feel regal. Like if I'm just standing in my home or Just sitting in a chair. I'll just sit there and I'll just become this regal woman who has people waiting on her hand and foot. And I just see my wardrobe, I just see myself in diamonds, just dripping in jewels. [LAUGH] I think if I were Were classically trained, seeking classes and studying Shakespeare. Things that are going to make me more well versed as an actor. Yeah, I'd probably be this really dope intense actor, but if I had done that super early, I may have lost some of that Essence of me that's just really organic. And it's a constant journey discovering who I am in front of a camera. I'm driven by supporting the people around me. I'm driven by the opportunities that I have. When I'm given something like a Dear White People, I feel so compelled to do it justice. And I feel so compelled to live up to that kind of an opportunity.
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