Watch Lizzo Sing The ‘Soul Glo’ Theme Song
JD Barnes

Welcome to The B-Side, ESSENCE’s fun trivia game that asks: how much do you know about Black culture? From the floor Bruh Man lived on to Angela Bassett’s most iconic Waiting to Exhale monologue, The B-Side truly tests your knowledge of Black pop culture.

Lizzo’s star is quickly rising, but it hasn’t been an overnight journey. The body positive singer, performer and self-proclaimed “a 100% that b-tch” has captured everyone’s heart.

She calls herself a Bop Star and that’s definitely accurate, but she’s more than that. Lizzo’s music can be simply summed up as self-love anthems, hitting almost every aspect of the complexities of love along the way. And on top of all that beautiful music, Lizzo’s got the kind of personality one wishes they could bottle and drink.

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So when ESSENCE shot the singer for our latest digital cover, we just knew it would be an epic shoot and Lizzo did not disappoint.

Between traipsing and posing around set in pretty pink and blue designer looks, we grabbed Lizzo to play “The B-Side.”

The result is a hilarious moment of Lizzo singing the “Soul Glow” theme song, which inspired her “Juice” video, trying to figure out deep cut Martin references and more. Check out the video above for some laughs.


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