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Hi. A toast. [LAUGH] So, we had such a good time setting each of you ladies up on blind dates. And now we wanna hear the good, bad, crazy, funky details, so please do kiss and tell. Yes please. Let's give a toast to [UNKNOWN]. [MUSIC] So Samantha, you started the day with yoga Oh yeah, it's my favorite thing in the world to do. Namaste. Tyson walks in there and pow, pow. What are you thinking? Pow, pow. [LAUGH] He had this very confident, gentle swagger, and I was like, all right. This is going to work. So what do you do to relax? I love food. Do you cook? Of course I cook. Oh. We had to make connections with our eyes and we had to move and stay connected, and I was like [SOUND] If you wanted to impress me, what would you cook? If I wanted to impress you, I probably wouldn't cook. [LAUGH] I would probably take you to someplace nice to eat. Oh, okay. And then we had a second date. Oh. You had lunch? And we talked some more, for another three hours. There was a little bit of chemistry. I didn't feel like, oh I wanted to kiss him. I felt like I wanted to give him a high five and a chest bump. But you know, a chest bump. [LAUGH] Well let me take a sip for the chest bump. [LAUGH] So you tell them about yours. It was a little bit awkward. John showed up In his suit. Wait, business suit or track suit? Business suit. His jacket and his slacks on. He sat down and was ready to go. Namaste. [LAUGH] He wasn't very flexible, he couldn't touch his toes. Try to take your forehead to your knees. I can't even get my fingers to my toes you're talking about my forehead to my what? We actually went out for lunch after that. We went to->> Okay. We both live in Brooklyn. Was there chemistry? [CROSSTALK] Right. Tell us the truth. Yeah the chemistry was just not. It wasn't balanced to me. We had a good time. The sweating is what got me. I was like I don't wanna sweat [INAUDIBLE] I mean I might want to sweat on my date but not at the beginning of it. I sweat like an NBA basketball player. That is just not [INAUDIBLE] cute. Baller. You didn't want to do yoga, but tell us about your first date with Ian. Well, Ian was Very nice. He brought me flowers, which was [CROSSTALK] He was a true gentleman sent out to me. He asked if he could bless the food. Which was really sweet,so it shows that he is a Christian man and he is very committed to his faith, which is also a major plus. I know that I have a lot to give, a lot of love to give, and a lot of things Was it too sweet for you? A little bit. Overall, I mean, he'd be great more so as a friend than as a future boyfriend or you know, partner. Spirituality was big for you. And Toye, it also was big for you. And tell us about your date with Renee It was a very traditional date, we had really good dynamic as far as conversation. What's your secret ingredient or whatever? Secret ingredient?? Like that in the bosom seasoning. I don't have a bosom seasoning He did follow up and there was a discovery period. What did you discover? Yeah. Tell us a little bit more. Well, he left out a really critical detail that I thought it would have been nice if he shared. He is a professional, but in addition he has an additional career. I guess he moonlights He's a pastor. Oh. [LAUGH] [CROSSTALK] He's the opposite of a stripper. He's a minister. [LAUGH] So could you see yourself dating a man of the cloth? I wouldn't run away from it. I mean, spirituality is very important to me, and I know I wouldn't see myself with someone who doesn't have a strong And [INAUDIBLE] spiritual base. Well you ladies survived your blind dates. So give it up for yourselves. Yes. [MUSIC] [LAUGH] [SOUND]

Kiss & Tell Reunion Pt. 1: Find Out If Any Of the Fellas Made A Lasting Impression

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