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So of course, Charlie and I would love to hear about the [CROSSTALK] second date. I'm not gonna go first. Uh-oh. [MUSIC] [LAUGH] [LAUGH] [MUSIC] So like, my date with Jason, it was like he was trying to hard to impress me. because, like, he was attractive but it was 97 degrees and he had on this shirt and tie and a wool jacket. And I was like, who does that. You know, it's better to over dress than to under dress.>> I don't know.>> Okay>> [LAUGH] Maybe when it's 80 degrees but not 97.>> You know, sometimes in the name of fashion We've all been very guilty of appearing over or under dressed for the occasion, but it worked for us. We have all showed up in spaghetti strap tank in the winter. Still, we go, and he says to me, can I get a ride home? He asked you for a ride? [CROSSTALK] Say no more, sister. So he gets in my car, complains about my air freshener giving him a headache. Deal breaker. That's it. All right, all right. [LAUGH] No problem. But I always feel like as a black woman, a professional black woman, who wants a lot, I feel like I'm always straddling that fence of what to put up. When I'm I being too overly critical. Right. We need to do a boot camp for the guys next. Yes. Yes. [CROSSTALK] Cheers to the boot camp for the guys. He had two cake dates, was it sweet? The cupcakes were sweet. [LAUGH] I mean, I enjoyed decorating the cakes, but he really wasn't in to it. Do we want to do all of these? Go for it. Are these edible? [MUSIC] Yes. No. [CROSSTALK] [INAUDIBLE] a beautiful woman, opportunity to do something great on a Saturday. You need to be happy. [CROSSTALK] And show some responsibility. And don't take it all so seriously. [CROSSTALK] Yeah. I just don't think that we had a chemistry. You know, it all felt more like an interview than like an actual date. He even asked if I'd be more like a career woman versus like a stay at home mom. And I was just like well I can't see myself just being a stay at home mom. Like my career is important to me. to me. Ew, definitely an awkward situation. I felt like he was great on paper. Somebody else great on paper was Lavar. Tell me about your dating life. Are you single, divorced, married? I hope so. > [LAUGH] Cause I shouldn't be here if i'm not. Different timeframe? do you wanna have children? So I actually can relate to what Peyton was saying. It definitely felt like I was being interview and I was like whoa. I just didn't think there was chemistry there. I'm thinking while we're talking, your gonna decorate your side. I'm gonna decorate my side. So, I actually come up with this little color pattern and i'm decorating. And next thing i know he's like Spinning it. Just dumping the paint on. I think he was just trying to get it done. So far, we've pretty much ruined everything she's given to us. So then at that point, there was nothing for me to decorate because he had just taken over the whole cake. He drew over your part. That would have irked me too. It really boiled down to, they just didn't have chemistry. If he's fine to you, you're like, "Baby, go ahead and paint over that." Getting at. Very valid point. One of the reasons we set you up with Lamar is you are a lot alike and so we want to remind you in your quest for love that you might not find compatibility with someone just like you. And when you're looking, we want you to keep that in mind that you don't need the clone of Tori. So when's the part two? [UNKNOWN] Cuz I wanna go to [CROSSTALK] For sure. [LAUGH] I'm not. [CROSSTALK] We should switch it up. Like give us each other's date. Cuz maybe. Cuz I like the sound of- [LAUGH] Always been so important to us. And most important to us is that you all remain open. [MUSIC] [INAUDIBLE] Yes. Because you never know when, who, where, how what, and you have to be willing to step outside your comfort zone, just a little. Absolutely. Cheers to you all. Cheers. [CROSSTALK] That was kind of easy. Oh, and when you meet him, come back and kiss and tell. [CROSSTALK] Over. Yes. [LAUGH]

Kiss and Tell Reunion Pt. 2: The Worst Date, Real Talk and One Guy's Really Odd Request

The ladies have one more chance to reveal the good, bad and the ugly from their blind dates. And, boy do they have stories!

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