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Hi. Hey Reagan. It's good to see you. It's good to see you too. I have brought you all the way from Brooklyn to Harlem for an exciting first day of yoga. Are you excited? I'm nervous. I hope that we're compatible. I hope that he is sexy, open minded, creative. Alright. What about yoga? I hope he's flexible. Is flexible important to you? It could be. [LAUGH] How's your downward dog? It's rusty. It's rusty. It's rusty. Well, let me fill you in a little bit about the guy I have just for you. He's creative. He's into [UNKNOWN] and in just a few minutes you'll find out if he's flexible. So I'm wishing you good luck on your date girl. Thank you. Enjoy. Thank you. And tell us all about it. You know I will. You have to kiss and tell. My name is Keisha, listen to Harlem Yoga Studio. So let's meet your date. Oh my gosh, okay. Hi. How's it going? I think you need to change. Okay, I need to change, baby? [LAUGH]. So when John first walked in he was little bit overdressed for yoga. He looked very snazzy in his. Suit outfit, but he looked very relaxed in his yoga clothes. Hey. Hi, how are you? How's it going? Fine. Nice you to see you again. Nice to see you. Awesome. When I first saw Regan, I was very, very, very, very, very pleased. She looked gorgeous. I'm sorry. I got distracted with her eyes. Aren't they gorgeous? [LAUGH] [MUSIC] I was obviously a little bit more flexible than he was. Try to take your forehead to your knees. I can't even get my fingers to my toes. What are you talking about? My forehead to my what? But he was so much fun. He was open minded and he definitely tried all the poses. So they had us touching each other in a lot of the poses. And John was really, really comfortable and forward with like touching my thighs and my knees. Too forward? [LAUGH] The whole intimacy thing about it. That was great! And that made me feel comfortable actually. It actually worked. So you have children? I actually do. I have two wonderful. Balette's down to earth kids. My daughter is Morgan. She'll be seven in September, next month. And my son, his name is Nicholas. He just turned 18. Yeah. Okay, all right. John has two children, I have two children. So we have that in common, and definitely something to bond over. Have you been here before, or? Yes, yes. My two kids are from a previous marriage. Okay. Happily divorced. So right now I am just kind of like looking for my empress, are you the one? [LAUGH] I just picked up on her vibe immediately, so it was good. So, what do you do? Yeah, what don't I do. He is in a lot different businesses, he's an entrepreneur. That's a Brooklyn thing, because John is from Brooklyn, and I am from Brooklyn. So I totally understand, he's a hustler, you know We the jack of all trades. He wears a lot of different hats and I like that. I like his entreaupenor spirit. What about you? I'm a writer. Stop playing. Really? I just finished writing my book. You did? Yeah. I wrote an urban fiction based on many treatments of my life. Urban fiction? I'm not sure I understand but I'm definitely curious to find out what that means. What about you? I write about my life experiences. Basically anything really related to love, relationships, sex. Right now it's just in a blog form, but I'm thinking of putting it in a book. I write a blog and he wrote a book, so we can bond over that as well. Reach up, palms together, and then exhale, bring your thumbs back down to your chest. Great, so from here, you're gonna take a moment and look at each other. [MUSIC] [LAUGH] So when we say Namaste in yoga, it means the light in me, bows to the light in you and we are one. Namaste.>> I'm praying and hoping that she actually likes me just as much as I would definitely go on a second date with her. Well John, it was a pleasure to meet you today. Same here. And I definitely enjoyed our yoga date. May I? [NOISE] Thank you. It was wonderful sharing My first yoga class with you. Okay- I won't believe- well then I get you to touch your toes the next time I see you. Yeah. I'm gonna have you Bye. Bye. Namaste. I like people who are full of good energy. I definitely feel good energy from John. And I definitely would go on a second date with him. [MUSIC]

Kiss and Tell: Regan and Jhonn's First Date

Regan and Jhonn hit the yoga studio for an intimate first date. See the chemistry build up and let's hope they kiss and tell!

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