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[MUSIC] Hey Toye, so good to see you. Nice to see you too. And I'm so excited to be hooking you up on a few blind dates. Me too. But, I'm gonna learn a little bit more about you before hooking you up. So hop on inside my Camry and let's talk. Okay. [LAUGH] All right. [MUSIC] So we are out [INAUDIBLE] you obviously are someone who is very clear on what they want out of life and who you are. So tell me a little bit more about how you describe yourself, how do you embrace your own individuality. [INAUDIBLE] I think I'm very clear about what I want in the sense of just from a personality perspective. I'd say I'm a decisive person. It would be great to have someone who also has an appreciation for learning new cultures and experiencing new cultures. Okay. So likes culture. Okay. Mm-hm. Have you ever gone on a date while traveling? Yes, absolutely. Details, tell us more. Well, unfortunately, there was no kissing. But, it was nice. It was, I mean, obviously I didn't move over there and he didn't move here. So- Tell me how are you planning to make room in your life for some more love? I think people prioritize what they want Too You know, there were things I wanted to do. Yeah. And I can honestly say that I've done those things, and now I'm ready to prioritize this. Okay, now you're putting it further up the list. Yeah. Okay. I'm putting it- I'm putting it on the list, I should say. Wow. Well, we're excited you're putting it on the list. Tell me some more about your dating experiences thus far. I mean, they've been very limited. Okay. I've dated, but it just wasn't anything that I really took seriously. Up until this point it was by choice just because. It just wasn't something that was that important to me. In half of a mile, left turn onto Central Park South. Tell us a little bit about your first date style. What are you gonna be rocking? I would say that I'd probably wanna be as close to who I am as possible so, but I mean at the end of the day, if I'm looking for eye candy I would assume that the other person would like some eye candy as well. Mmhm. So, you know. Put a little something in the window. Exactly, putting a little something in the window. Alright, I like the sound of that, so I like that you. you, and right to you are, you know who you are. And look into sharin your amazingness with somebody else. I'm lookin forward to it. [LAUGH] I said I figured I need to be open because i've grown up on [UNKNOWN] i'm lookin forward to seeing what you all come up with. All right, well i've got my work cut out and we will have a good time and see you soon. Thank you. [LAUGH]

Kiss and Tell: Meet Contestant Toye