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[MUSIC] Hey, Samantha. Hey, Charreah. Get over here. [MUSIC] Welcome to an exciting new chapter in your life, where I get to hook you up on two fabulous blind dates. Hoo, yes. But before I can do that, I need to learn a little bit more about your love life. Is there a lot to tell? Not much, but I'm looking forward to telling you the little bit that I have. Well, get inside my Camry and tell me all about it. Let's go! [LAUGH] [MUSIC] Route guidance will start now. We're right outside the Essence offices, Midtown New York City. [SOUND] My city. I love my city. So do you ever go on dates? Oh, hello. Thank you sister. When you're getting ready for a date, obviously you're a Brooklyn girl, you like a lot of style. That necklace is on fleek and I want it. [SOUND] Thank you. So how do you express your personality when you're out with a guy? You know, I think, some people, they see that I'm a little edgy. I have shaved head and braids. But I like to keep them guessing, because they think edge when they see me and when they meet me they see delicate and smart and professional. So I ike to keep them guessing. Keeping them interested and excited. I'm all about the fun. You are all about the fun. I am all about the fun. Well tell us your worst date. How much time do we have? [LAUGH] In a quarter of a mile, right turn onto 8th Avenue. So have vulnerability, what else should we keep in mind we're looking for [UNKNOWN] potential? Humor Humor. Humor. Make me laugh. [LAUGH] Make me laugh, sir. I need to laugh, ha ha. So we got it. Vulnerability. Humor. Yes. Conversation. I am like a conversation junky. And I like to hear cuz I'm always really interested in people and what makes people tick and talking is a way to my soul. Damn. All right, I got it. Conversationalists who can make you laugh. Girl, are you looking forward to these dates we're gonna set you up for? I am very much so looking forward to them. I am so excited. You've done all of the work. [LAUGH] All I gotta do is show up and be cute. Show up and be cute. And I'm ready to go. Be fun and flirty. Well, you have a good time. Thank you. I will see you See you soon. See you soon. [LAUGH] [SOUND] [LAUGH]

Kiss and Tell: Meet Contestant Samantha