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We know that finding love can be hard. But we're making things easier for a few lucky ladies. [MUSIC] Welcome to the Love Squad Lab. We are so excited to hook up four lovely ladies on a few blind dates. Absolutely, so first off we have to find them the right guy. Eyes. First up, Charlie, is Samantha. She is a graduate of our first Essence Dating Boot Camp this past summer. But she also is an incredible principal out in Brooklyn. So she's a busy woman, she travels a lot, she works very hard. So I wanted to find someone who could keep up with her fast paced lifestyle. So first up I thought for her immediately, Tyson. He's all All types. And he looks familiar. He should look familiar. He's one of our Essence Most Eligible Bachelors from a few years ago. That's what I know him from. He also works in education, he's a dean of There's a match. Yea Education, principal, I like it. Absolutely, they have a lot of synergy professionally. Okay They also have a lot to talk about. And it sounds like they'll have a great first date. So after working all day with kids. Kids. Who wouldn't want to come home to a nice massage? Co-sign. Co-sign. So for her second blind date we figured we'd give Samantha a date with Jason. Jason. Yes, he's a massage therapist. He also works with transit and so I think they'd have a lot to talk about. Chemistry gods please send her a massage. Next up we have Regan. She's so fabulous. Isn't she fabulous? She is an ambitious Single mom, blogger. I would recommend Johnn, he's also a single parent. He's a dad of two. Great. But he's also got so much personality and ambition and charm. So I know that type and it sounds like they will have a A great mix. They will have a great connection, it will be a really fun first date. Up next we have Peyton. So fabulous. So fabulous. Now Peyton is not yet 25 years old and she's already a little bit jaded. So we really wanna make sure we get it right. Well you know what, when you say fun, I have the perfect guy who comes to mind who is so fun. He is Ian. He looks like a party guy. This is a fun photo. It's funny that you say party guy, but he's actually the person who gets the party going. He's a DJ. He's young, he's fun, but he's also someone who's looking for a serious relationship. Which Makes him great for Peyton. So great for Peyton. Now someone else who might be a great match for Peyton is Dozie. They both have very similar professional backgrounds and also they're both transplants to New York City. So when you move to this type of town by yourself It's a different experience. And it's nice to meet other transplants I like them both. I don't know how I would pick which one to go on the date with. Well the good news is she doesn't have to pick yet. She gets to go out with both of them. She's lucky. [LAUGH] And last for our blind date we have the incredibly accomplished Toye. I'm so proud of her, she's done so much in her perfect career, she's a vice president at a leading financial services company. Really? And now after working all these years in the career, it's time to make some room in her life for love. And so she's really open to creating a space for a great relationship. So first off [UNKNOWN] we have Rene He's an executive working in retail, so he has the type of resume and traditionally that she likes. What? They look really cute together. In addition to having so much in common professionally, they also have personal values that align. They're both spiritual people, and so I think they'll find a lot in common. Next up for Toya's blind date is Levar. Levar. Their lifestyles are matched. They both love to travel. They both worked in finance. They both are entrepreneurial spirits, so I think will find a lot of interests in common. I see what you did there, and I think it can work out really well. So we've met all four single ladies. We're going to send them out on blind dates Sharia. Yes we are. And I am so excited. I am so, so excited. Of course we hope they're all love matches, but even if not this is really exciting for them because every date you go on as a single lady is one date closer to meeting the love of your life. Now, let's just hope they kiss and tell. [MUSIC] [LAUGH]

Kiss and Tell: ESSENCE Plays Matchmaker

ESSENCE Relationship Editors Charli Penn and Charreah K. Jackson team up to carefully pair the contestants on their blind dates. Find out who they sent the ladies to meet!