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Man we get turnt up. We get turnt up. It's a beautiful thing man because we invite all of the family over but it's really my wife's family because I was adopted so my side of the family is very thin. But my wife has a very beautiful family and it's a day. That I get to celebrate her mom. So what I do for her mom is I have a chief come. And the chief cooks and just kills it. And we just celebrate on her mama. You know what I mean. We just sit around and then everybody stands in line to the bathroom. Somebody blew the bathroom up a little too much. And we had to call the plumber. We had to call the plumber Thanksgiving, cause it was wrong. It was wrong. It was just, it was wrong. And I'm not going to say whose fault that was. It wasn't mine. But somebody tore our house up. [LAUGH] You won't find chitlins. They stink. You won't find, you know, pig feet and All that other mess you know but you find sweets, you find a lot of sweets. I have a sweet tooth. Because for the most part I try to eat really clean. I diet a lot so Thanksgiving is the day Date when I do the food. So, I do the food. And I'll eat as much as I can before I have to call the plumber. I have details if you want to hit at [INAUDIBLE] [LAUGH]

Kirk Franklin Shares Thanksgiving Family Traditions

Gospel Singer Kirk Franklin relives some of his favorite Thanksgiving memories and traditions.