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[MUSIC] This beauty, who's joining me. There is the exchange Ms. Kim Fields. How are you? I'm awesome. How are you? I'm fabulous. You look absolutely stunning. You've better slay for the camera, you better slay. Now, is this your first essence festival? No girl. Not at all. Not at all. I have been Here before with Verizon. This year I'm here with Walmart and AARP and at one point I performed in the Super Lounge when I was doing my spoken word and smooth jazz with a group called Impromptu. So I've been here many times.>>So what keeps you coming back year after year? Well, first of all, the people who invite you. It's such an important work that they do year round to connect with their consumer, to be able to send positive empowering messages, especially to women, and then especially to women of color. So that's pretty much the main thing that keeps you coming back, to be able to reconnect with your village Definitely, definitely, and New Orleans is known for having such great culture and food. So what do you hit up when you're here in New Orleans? Dooky Chase. Yeah. Since I was 7, 8 years old, I have been going to Dooky Chase every single time I come to New Orleans for various appearances. Over my 40 year career thank you father. Mama Chase is always wonderful to see her and the kids, the grand kids, everybody. So that's my spot and then cafe Dumond. Yes, you gotta you gotta get dirty with the powdered sugar all over you. Absolutely. Who all you looking forward to seeing over the weekend? Well certainly, I already have seen Babyface, which he just puts on such a great show. And you go, my God. You wrote that? He has his own hits. Then when you realize, my goodness. You wrote this? That was wonderful. Certainly looking forward to seeing my boy's new edition. And Maxwell, come on. I remember my first Maxwell concert at Universal Amphitheatre in Los Angeles. I had a front row seat and he had just hit the scene and it was almost like the set was so cool and it was almost like you were in this dude's living room. Just vibing off of some good music and lyrics and it was just It's so hot, I can't wait. Awesome, awesome, and what other projects are you working on? Because I know you are always working on something. So where can our fans find you? What are you up to? Well certainly at and on social media with Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, the whole shebang. At Kim Fields, the official Kim Fields. I'm currently back in the lab after finishing Dancing with the Stars and Real Housewives of Atlanta for that season so I'm back in my lab as I say. Just finishing up my inspirational book called Keep Your Soul in Check and then I also have my autobiography coming out towards the end of this year top of next year called Bless Life and I'm celebrating my 40th anniversary in the industry. So we're doing a big event. So hopefully you'll come and be invited. Well I know you'll be invited. But hopefully you'll come and hang out with us there. And we have a few scripted projects that we're doing as well. Awesome. Congratulations on everything that you do. Much success. Kim Fields, thank you so very much. Thank you. Thank you. Thanks. Essence Live. You never know who you're gonna find here. [MUSIC] [BLANK_AUDIO]

Kim Fields Tells What Keeps Her Coming Back to the Magic of ESSENCE Festival

The actress and reality star stopped by the NOLA edition of ESSENCE Live to gush about the magnetic and magical experience of this weekend.