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Hey I'm Kelly Rowland, and here's what's in my bag. [MUSIC] [LAUGH] So I have all kinds of stuff in here, of course, do not laugh. But I do have cars. My son loves Cars. I keep my journal to write down new ideas. So these are my favorite. These are Band-Aid Skin-Flex. They're actually new. They bend to whatever movement you make, and they actually really, really stick. My son is pretty clumsy, and he gets it from his mama. So we need these around. [LAUGH] And more, helicopters and cars. [LAUGH] What else? My trusty little Sunblock, I actually like to save a picture of my husband and my son everywhere I travel. So I get a little oily at times. And this Blotterazzi was actually a Christmas present from a girlfriend of mine. And it has a little mirror in it. And this little puff here to help you blot away all the little oil. [MUSIC] It's one of my favorites. My wallet. Chanel never go wrong on you. Dental floss. This is a must have. [CHUCKLES] I'm obsessed with floss on my teeth. You have to be. So, the other week I went to Glossier and they gave me this concealer and I'm absolutely obsessed with it and it's pretty awesome. [MUSIC] This is my favorite, favorite lip color. It's Nars Walkyrie. It just looks really natural and pretty and I really love it. Is that it? And good Old Faithful, my phone. And my best friend just called me. That's what's in my bag.

Kelly Rowland is the definition of a true blue renaissance woman.

In addition to a music career that literally spans decades, the singer has also found time to dabble in acting, write a book (Whoa, Baby!) and of course, start a family with husband Tim Witherspoon.

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As expected, the mommy of one is constantly on the go, which means her purse must always be equipped for unpredicatable emergencies. And during a recent visit to the ESSENCE offices, she showed us just how prepared she is by unveiling all of the products inside.

Her mixed bag of tricks includes toy cars for Titan, a beloved Chanel wallet, Blotterazi and even Band-Aids (fun fact: she’s the face of their new “Stick With It” campaign). Watch above to see what other must-haves she never leaves home without–you may want to pick up some of her favorites for yourself!

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