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Watch Keith Sweat And Case Break Down New School R&B: 'Everybody Sounds The Same'

Keith Sweat tells ESSENCE exclusively, "The great thing about R&B back then, everybody was unique."
Despite the recent debate of who holds the crown for the King of R&B, veterans Keith Sweat and Case stopped by ESSENCE before Jacquees captured our attention with the King of R&B debate to reminisce about what they dubbed the “Golden Age of R&B.” During an exclusive interview, Sweat said, “I respect the new game. I’m not mad at it.”

Shahar Azran/WireImage

Case added, “You learn from the greats,” noting that he’s always watched those who came before him, namely Sweat. The two R&B royals reflected on the genre that made both of them household names way before Jacquees introduced us all to this hilarious and crazy King of R&B discussion. Keith and Case shared their thoughts on how this new era of R&B is different from the old school era of R&B — when Sweat and Case were singing alongside Joe and Gerald Levert.


“The great thing about R&B back then [was] everybody was unique,” Sweat said with pride. “It wasn’t like today…I mean, it’s like everybody sounds the same.” Check out the full video above to see how Case and Sweat break down R&B then and now.


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