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Kandi Burruss Dishes On SnakeGate And Yovanna Momplaisir's Alleged Recording

Burruss shared her feelings about the situation with ESSENCE, revealing that she'd initially liked Momplaisir before SnakeGate went down.
Kandi Burruss Dishes On SnakeGate And  Yovanna Momplaisir’s Alleged Recording

The stars and fans of The Real Housewives of Atlanta may never officially find out who is behind the explosive recording of Cynthia Bailey bad-mouthing NeNe Leakes, but it seems the cast have pointed the finger at Gail “Yovanna” Momplaisir.

Kandi Burruss recently stopped by ESSENCE to dish on “SnakeGate,” revealing that she initially liked Momplaisir before things went south.

“I actually kind of liked Yovanna, I thought she was kinda funny,” Burruss told ESSENCE. “She would try to reach out to us off camera and stuff like that, so I thought she was genuinely trying to make relationships.”

But, as viewers have seen, whatever friendship that could have been was immediately squashed.

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“Marlo [Hampton] and NeNe are hinting that you are the snake possibly recording people, I don’t want you hanging around me. I don’t want you hanging around me if you do that,” Burruss said.

Momplaisir appeared on Sister Circle earlier this month, where she denied knowing anything about a secret recording.

“I have never said that there was an audio recording,” she said. “I have never recorded anyone, that is not my character, that is not who I am. Just because I said I had receipts, that did not mean that that was the definition of an audio recording.”