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[BLANK_AUDIO] [MUSIC] You know I have different names for different occasions. Your little lady, cuz that's your girl. She's a lady, she needs to be treated as such. Shelly, do the right thing The second. [LAUGH] She's like classy white woman, but also [LAUGH] could be black? I call her FernGully. Like a little bush, like a little natural- ****. Cuz I like the way it rolls off the tongue. [LAUGH] Pussy's so vulgar, though. I don't even like [LAUGH] I can't even say it! Say it! Hot pocket. Hot pocket. Hot pocket cake. Juice box. Order vajayjay. Vajayjay. Poon-poon. Poon. Punani. [LAUGH] Coochie. Coochie. Cooch. Ooch. Hoohah. The kukah. The Chupacabra. People get crazy. They get creative it's a lot. You shouldn't call it anything, but if I had to say the dumbest one- Trap. [LAUGH] How is that a dumb name? That kind of makes sense to me. I don't wanna get trapped. [LAUGH] Right, that's why it makes sense. I heard one girl say that thing down there, and I said girl, you need to talk with a little bit more respect. My pocketbook. Cuz normally you switch pocketbooks every day. I don't know if they wear different pocketbooks to the club. Or it's a church. It's a kitty cat. Kitty cat. Kitty cat. Kitty cat? I don't know, I think that's weird. Kitty cat is kinda cute, I guess. Kitty is my sexy term for it, I guess. It can be weird. Cookie box. Breadbox? Box. Box. That's That's another weird one, I don't know where that initially came from. Honey buys, I feel like my [UNKNOWN] My grandmother and my mom, that's what they always called it. Like, hey, hit that box, yo. Thinking about the whole breadbox thing, as I got older, I was like, wait. [UNKNOWN] That's disgusting. [LAUGH] I hate the word ****. Guys call it that. And I'm always look, ooh, I don't like that. Why would you want to call it that? That. Like that seems just so like, aggressive. Just doesn't sound right. Do we need more violence in this world, like- It's gross. [MUSIC] I don't know why people give it nicknames, a hoo-ha and a coochie, It's a vagina. Like the word vagina is awkward. The word vagina doesn't scare me but- It sounds really weird That makes me uncomfortable. [MUSIC]

Just Sayin: What Do You Call a Woman's...?

The anatomy of a woman has more names than we can count and ESSENCE Live wants to know all the many different terms! It is her pocket book, kitty kat or her cookie jar? Whatever happened to calling it want it is, just a plain ol' vagina? Let's discuss...