This is We See You Sis, an emotionally penetrating video series aimed at celebrating Black women who make an impact online, while digging deeper into their emotional health and well-being beyond their most “liked” posts.

Black women have this way of letting their friends, family, and good sisters know that we see them. And being seen is one of the most important things to a Black woman, because Lord knows how often we’re erased. In celebrating Black women, sometimes in the midst of all the heart-eyed emojis, we may miss what’s beneath the surface—the emotions, the vulnerability, the real.

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“At first, it started out with no motive. I was just doing videos. Now, as more people cling to me and ask for advice and tell me how I lift them up and they need my videos everyday, my motive right now is to inspire,” Amber told ESSENCE. And she does inspire. Her around-the-way homegirl vibe and positive attitude are endearing. It’s why 2 million people follow her.

And speaking of real…if you have an Instagram account, you have seen Amber Wagner and her long and vibrant fingernails. You may know her as @Jstlbby, which translates to: Just living baby, Amber’s motto for her life and how she shares on Instagram.

With fingernails clackin’, Amber offers up motivation, laughs, and honest-to-goodness good vibes through her Instagram account. And because Amber’s work is on the Internet, trolls are also invited to view her videos—and they do. Many of them try to tear her down because she’s a big, Black woman, challenging her ability to motivate because she’s plus-sized.

Amber said, “I block them out because, guess what? They’re unhappy with themselves and they try to bring me down because I’m doing something positive and feeling good. I don’t have time for it. I simply swipe, block and keep it moving.”

Check out the video above to see why Amber Wagner’s Just Living Baby lifestyle is something we should all adopt.


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