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[SOUND] [MUSIC] So when you were writing this movie, was it nuances? Did you add some of that stuff? Or did it all? All those little Easter eggs, and things like that. All of that is, you start doing that from the beginning of the writing process, and you don't stop until the editing process, really. You can still find things. You can still put in sounds and things to help. So as far as the Easter eggs and the nuances, that was a full-time job, was looking for these connections. And what about the cotton? Was the cotton really to symbolize... Yeah. I mean, it could have been anything, right? But all he could do is this, so you know, I had the choice of what's stuffed in there, and then you know, obviously cotton has a thematic meaning. This was a detail that I didn't expect the audience to latch onto and And get, I thought it would be missed but they would be looking for something like that, and I'm, I'm just so happy that the audience is digging in, rolling of to see finding this little, easter eggs, I put in there. Here the theories like this ultimate ending? Yeah. Is it on the DVD? It's on the DVD. Okay. You know originally the first ending that I scripted, Was not as happy. And let's just say that it went one of the couple of directions that the audience is hoping it won't go. And that was, originally, because I wanted to, sort of, make a hard point, and not let the audience off the hook. But, by the time, the movie was. Sort of finished and ready. It was very clear that the audience needed a little bit of an escape. So I'm very much a fan of the ending that is in there now but you can see the darker. Version on the Blu-ray. I'm glad we got to see the light. Thank you so much. [LAUGH] Yes, you're welcome, you're welcome. Give them what they want. [MUSIC]

It’s been three months since Get Out hit theaters and still, there’s so much chatter (and so, so many questions and theories).

The film, shot for $4.5 million, has surpassed the $200 million mark — raking in $230 million worldwide to be exact — which is a major coup for writer/director/producer, Jordan Peele. 
ESSENCE sat down with Peele to chat about his creative process, the history (and power) of cotton and why he chose to include the alternate ending in the home entertainment release. And if you’re still a bit shook by all that went down between Chris and Rose, then yeah, Peele’s mission was accomplished. 

Following its digital release on May 9, Get Out is available on DVD and Blu-Ray. 

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