<p>It's Time To Analyze These 'Get Out' Theories From The Comfort Of Your Home</p>

From the cotton reference (and other racial Easter eggs) to an intense alternate ending, Jordan Peele tells ESSENCE all about why you shouldn't miss your chance to own 'Get Out' on DVD and Blu-Ray.


It’s been three months since Get Out hit theaters and still, there’s so much chatter (and so, so many questions and theories).

The film, shot for $4.5 million, has surpassed the $200 million mark — raking in $230 million worldwide to be exact — which is a major coup for writer/director/producer, Jordan Peele. 
ESSENCE sat down with Peele to chat about his creative process, the history (and power) of cotton and why he chose to include the alternate ending in the home entertainment release. And if you’re still a bit shook by all that went down between Chris and Rose, then yeah, Peele’s mission was accomplished. 

Following its digital release on May 9, Get Out is available on DVD and Blu-Ray.