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[MUSIC]. I think that, a communicator. I think someone who's, who can like, open up the lines for communication. I also think a good listener. I think a lot of times women want to be listened to, and not necessarily. Like, end up in this, like, stand-off conversation. I think sometimes you just want a partner who's willing to just, hear you out, and then, let the rest of it go away. [MUSIC]. and, I think, a guy who is willing to be vulnerable is, is, you know, I think those are a few things that make up,. Really good boyfriend. [MUSIC]. I think we all have the same red flags. I think cheating. No one wants to be with someone who's cheated multiple times. Again, like, communication to me. I think, you know, it's one thing to be frustrated, and not, may be not even know your own feelings. But at least be able to communicate that you're frustrated and you don't know your own feelings. In your own field, as opposed to, like, sending me down the rabbit hole, cuz nobody likes that. [MUSIC]. If a guy is texting you, he's obviously not too busy because he has enough time to text you. So, I think if your not hearing from a guy, that's a big problem. Right. I think that, if you are getting. You know, bits of, information and communication from a guy, it could be that your dude is really busy, it could also be that he has poor communication skills. Ah,sss which is a r, [LAUGH] a very real thing. but, I don't know if it's something to get upset about or worried about until you have a conversation. I think you have to, at least be able to talk about it and say, hey. We text a lot and rarely ever talked, is there a reason? [MUSIC]. But for me one of the worst, things that a woman can do on a first date, is just be in her phone. Like if you're on your phone that much, then why are you on the date? And after that wait for dates, actually, one through getting married. Like if your on it that much, and I get that situations happen and things happen, and again, like, because we're in this world where information comes to us so much faster, we're constantly working. But, I think there's a time, you know, there's an hour where you can set aside your phone and you can just be completely, connected to the person that's across from you. [MUSIC] A woman is at her sexiest, in two ways to me. It's, it's typically like morning for me, so there's a time, for me for whatever reason there's something super sexy about a woman waking up to me. And then also, when she's vulnerable. Like, when she's like, like walls down, yo, this is me. You know. Cuz there's a pride to being able to let those walls down, there's a strength to being able to let those walls down. That's super sexy, mad sexy actually, [LAUGH] mad sexy. Yeah, [LAUGH] yeah, actually. Ooh. And if it happens in the morning, it's even, it's like three times as sexy, plus a little sexy on top.

Jay Ellis On What Makes A Good Boyfriend

The sexy star of 'The Game' opens up about good boyfriends, what text-only convos mean and more!