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[MUSIC] Thank you so much for joining us India. We are so excited to have you here at Essence Festival once again. Thank you. So, tell me, you know, Essence is all about empowering black women. So, what do you love most about being a black woman. What do I love most about being a black woman? That's an interesting question. Because, it's not the kind of thing you think about because it's just you. It's gonna take me a second to figure out that answer, but I will say this. I wouldn't want to be anything or anyone else. I wouldn't want to be anyone else or any other ethnicity or race, at all. I just I love everything about being a black woman, honestly. I really do, cuz I'm in the music industry and race and gender together makes for an uphill battle. But even that. I still wouldn't trade anything at all. I love everything about being a black woman. I really do. That's awesome. I really do. Now, you look amazing tonight. Thank you. So, tell me do you have any style crush? Any kind of hair crush? I know you're all about the natural [UNKNOWN] So you know, I don't know if you know this my mother has made all of my clothes all of these years. Everything, all my gowns, all my casual stuff, like not at home but what you see me when I'm in public. So, she's my favorite designer. Style crush, I mean I like a little bit of a lot of things about a lot of people. But honestly, I think my favorite thing this year might be Solange. She might be my favorite thing this year. And I also like Tilda Swinton, and I also love Diane Von Furstenberg dresses in particular. I like J Brand jeans, I like James Perse t-shirts and t-shirt dresses. And I always like my colored head wraps cuz they just make everything Sunlight. I chose to wear my hair out today, cuz I'm starting to go have grey path. And it's coming in a patch. And I'm so happy that it's coming in a patch. So I just wanted to show it off today.
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