<p>I Turn My Camera On, Episode 3: Lance Gross & Comedian King Bach Talk Embracing Creativity Without Boundaries</p>


In episode 3 of ‘I Turn My Camera On,’ Lance Gross brings comedian King Bach to his studio for a layered conversation about creativity.

“When I say creativity, what does that mean for you?” Lance asks Bach, whose real name is Andrew Bachelor. The Toronto native responds by sharing his thoughts on why he feels limitless creativity that stands out from the rest is second to none.

“Creativity means thinking outside the box,” Bach says. “For me, it’s being unique and not doing what everybody else does. If you do something that somebody else does, it’s taking what they do and taking it to the next level. Amplifying it.”

A rising star with a follower count of over 16 million combined on Twitter and Instagram, Bach tells Lance that despite his massive following, he doesn’t really feel the pressure to consistently be funny because it usually happens naturally no matter what.

“No, not really because someone always finds the humor in something, no matter what it is. If I’m just looking at the camera saying nothing, you can guarantee that four comments down, there’s going to be 3 laughing emojis.”

As the conversation continues, the two also discuss Bach’s influences, how he balances maintaining his social media presence in the midst of an increasingly busy new schedule as a career actor, and more. You check out episode 3 in full above and visit the official website HERE to view more episodes.