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[BLANK_AUDIO] We've got two teams. Tianna and myself will be on one team and Tasheena and our beauty editor Nikki Brown are on the other. Each team. So one person will do the drawing and the other person will have to guess. Now since survivor's remorse follows a basketball family, you'll be guessing the names of NBA teams. But here's the catch, here's the catch, cannot draw any NBA logos, abbreviations, or numbers associated with the teams. And a correct answer must include the team's full name. For example, you can't just say the Hornets, It has to be the [UNKNOWN] So each correct answer gets the point. The most point win. And you can skip if you'd like it, got it [INAUDIBLE] simple right. Okay so Sheila and Nikki you're up first.>> [CROSSTALK] Go ahead and [INAUDIBLE] [CROSSTALK] Control room ->> [CROSSTALK] Okay 45 seconds on the clock please.>> Can i look at the card Alright. Nicky, are you ready? Ready, set, go, start! The 76ers, the Warriors, the Nets, the Eight- She's already guessing. The, > I don't know. What is what? I thought it was a duck too. What the hell? I think she's drawing a chicken. A beaver? A cat? Tianna, you're on my team. The, God. A pig and a teddy bear. A teddy bear NBA team? A tree. 10 seconds left. A forest. We're counting down. The Mets. The. Lord. Times up. Times up. [SOUND] Ding ding ding ding. Times up. What is it? What where you trying to draw Nikki? The Memphis Grizzlies. [CROSSTALK] [LAUGH] This game. None of us know any of these games. [CROSSTALK] Naw that's good. We don't know these [UNKNOWN] boys. [LAUGH] All right. Team [UNKNOWN] you're up next. That's all right Nicky. That's all right Nicky. [CROSSTALK] [INAUDIBLE] cuz I'm about to be a mess. Let's go. All right, Teyanah get them. I'm about to be a mess. I really appreciate that bear. Come on sit down Nicki So the score unfortunately is zero so the score to beat for us is zero. You don't have to rub it in If you get one you win. I'm just saying I can skip all I want. You can skip. Just draw one and we win. No, they don't. So we're going to do it. Control room, please forty-five seconds on the clock. I'm going to be a distraction. You're ready. Are you ready? Tiana, are you ready? Ready, set, go. She ain't ready. This looks like>>she can't draw>>a>>oh a clone>>this looks like a>>the claw's going out>>no>>you can't speak. You can't speak.>>It's a person, it's a face. It's not a face. Okay. Is that hair?>>No it's not hair!>>What is that you can't speak A beard. Tiana you can't talk. You can't talk. Ok skip. Go to the next one. We just have to get a least one. Wait how do you draw. 10 seconds Tiana If she talks again I'm getting 10 points Tiana you talked again Ok just give me one. Give me a good one I know you got it. Bell dry. What is? Time's up, my gosh. [CROSSTALK] So what's this right here? That looks like a Miami. Thank you. what's this? Heat? Yes! Aw. Okay well, that's a bummer. That looks like garbage. [NOISE] Actually, nobody won, but we're We're still all winners. Boo. All winners. Nah we losers. All winners. [BLANK_AUDIO]
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