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[MUSIC] Co-wash is when you put.>> You've probably got to wash the weave, and then wash your own hair. And then that's a co-wash. You wash weave? They don't rip it off the horse and stick it on your head. Co-partner. Washing together maybe. When two people are washing your hair. Term from Atlanta when they be like, let's go to the car wash. Oh you so dumb. [NOISE] Sounds like an apartment. A cream? Four cylinder or something. Is that some type of dynamite. I foresee you a block away that you are wearing a weave. Weave Maybe I go to the beauty salon and order it. Hi, I need 4C, I know I had 3B the last time. I foresee me not knowing what that means in relation to hair. And it's not necessarily curls, but it's somewhere in between with a hint of nap. And that's, No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. That's the one word my mother said don't use. What's wrong with naps? She's like the last of the strands, the black woman strand. [MUSIC] Pre-poo? [LAUGH] Whoa. Pre-poo? [LAUGH] [LAUGH] I don't know if I want to know what that means. I know what it sounds like. Like Fertilizer going in your hair instead of shea butter. Sounds crazy. Sounds funny. Sounds disgusting. Sounds gross. Like something that they should do in private. Not something you do right before you're about to get your second meal in. What animals do before they go to bathroom. Oh boy.>> The leak out.>> That doesn't even sound sanitary.>> Oh I know maybe it's like when they're unraveling their weave on the toilet.>> Probably.>> I would hope that none of you guys are putting pre-poo in your hair. Like, oh babe, your hair's really soft. Oh it's that. That free pill. Don't tell me that. [MUSIC] Closure is what you get when you break up with somebody. When the relationship is over. [LAUGH] That's the last part after you break up with that A-ish negro. What's that got to do with hair? That's like with your girl. [LAUGH] [LAUGH] Baby, what you did today? Oh, I just went and got a closure. Went and got my hair done. Took her hat off, she got the closure. And, I'm like, Oh oh. Is there something you didn't tell me? [LAUGH] Closure has something to do with wig. Closure, if it's not tight, it's not right. Good closure is almost like it's flowing out of your head like Jesus at the last supper. [LAUGH] That's as best as an educated guess as I can give. How about that. [MUSIC] [SOUND]

How Well Do Men Know Terms for Black Women’s Natural Hair?

Pre-poo? Co-wash? 4C? Watch this hilarious clip of men trying to figure out terms for Black women's hair.