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You know, it's no secret that women do not often get what they're worth.>> Mm-hm. They don't ask for raises or negotiates always. How do you handle that? Have no more worth? [INAUDIBLE]. [INAUDIBLE] for a minute. I've done every job you can think of from the bottom to the top, you know what I'm saying? You better drop a bar Alisha. Real talk [INAUDIBLE] entrepreneur, because the point was, I'm building a brand, and I become a brand, but I'm putting in a lot of work, so I'm never ever afraid to ask For what I'm worth ever. What can they say, no? Okay then I don't have to work for you. I'm not gonna be holding. The fact like the worst thing they could say is no then you can become more comfortable for asking for what you're worth. Asking for more money. And for me when I figured out what other people were getting. The other color and I was like Right. Excuse me. That's the key. [CROSSTALK] Counterparts [INAUDIBLE] Right. Like a blogger for example. Right. People. the same followers as you. Absolutely. People have been doing. [CROSSTALK] Wait a minute. You do and you're like, you paid how much to do what? Exactly, right. And so another thing for me is I ended up working on the side with a lot of the brands that give opportunities to people like us. And then I started to realize, these people have budgets. Right. Yeah. You know what I mean? So if that's the case, why am I so afraid to ask for what I deserve. I think, at the end of the day Whatever, a lot of times, whatever we're thinking of, they probably have twice that much. They do. I'm always mad when I'll give a number, and they're like, sure. Wait a minute, you said yes too fast. [LAUGH] Wait, too fast. [LAUGH] [UNKNOWN] .>> [CROSSTALK] Sometimes it is, [UNKNOWN] Sometimes it's not always about the dollar because some. Sometimes maybe it's a startup, or maybe the person doesn't really have that budget, and maybe you're gonna go support your brown people, or your women, or somebody that looks out for you, or somebody that has a vision, who you believe in. So maybe it's the great publicity, so it's not always about the check, it's about the long term goal or maybe I can build a relationship with this. Well let me chime in real quick on social media. There's something about salaries, all of you out there that are bringing up, at JaiSayWhat Tongue twister said, I pull together salary data, my resume and recent accomplishments when discussing a raise. Facts have worked for me. Okay. At stagedonpurpose tweeted, the request depending upon the industry slash structure must be supported by evidence slash examples of [Speaker 1] Of work production. And at LIZLEGUNSEN, plays no games when it comes to how to ask for a raise. She tweeted, very easily, I know my worth. [Speaker 2] Hello. Hum.>> [Speaker 3] I get it. I like, there's like that, girl don't say that. I like that inside, but as a boss, you know, I used to manage people, and then higher up. If you're coming to me with a raise you have support why you need it. But also, if I am going to give you the raise how you gonna. Help me in the future. What are your plans going forward that are gonna help me, my team, and my vision, what you bring to my table. I'm glad you know your worth, but do you know my worth? I need the buy in. Ooh, all right. [BLANK_AUDIO]

Ready to Move Up? Here's How to Ask For a Promotion

On this week's episode of ESSENCE Live, we take the stress out wondering how to ask your boss for a raise or promotion with a few helpful hacks.