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Hi, I'm Deena Campbell, Hair and Beauty Editor at And today I have with me Diane Bailey who is a celebrity hair stylist, and a beauty ambassador for SheaMoisture. Today she's gonna talk to us a little about how to properly detangle hair. Can you tell us a little bit about the step? [MUSIC]. Well step one, before we speed to shampoo with a deep moisturizing shampoo to cleanse and to seal in moisture. Step two would be to get a moisturizing conditioner as a lead in. Step three, is to make your own cocktail. Now that would include another conditioner, some oil, and about four ounces of water. Shake until to a milky consistency, and then spray throughout your hair before you comb. Step four, would be to comb. And step five, would be to section it off in manageable sections so you could style and blow dry. The cocktail that I suggested earlier is great for wash and go. To reactivate whatever is in your hair.

How To Properly Detangle Natural Hair

Celebrity hairstylist, Diane Bailey shows us how to detangle hair with minimal breakage.