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[MUSIC]. Hi, I'm Deena Campbell, Hair and Beauty Editor of And today I have the wonderful Ngozi Opara with us today. She is the founder of Heat Free Hair. And she's gonna talk to us a little bit about ways we can maintain wigs and weaves for the summer. First of all, I love your hair. Thank you, thank you [LAUGH]. I'm wearing one of her wigs. Yeah, she's wearing a hair piece. Afro coils queen wig. And yeah, I mean, honestly I think the biggest thing for people to know when maintaining curly wig, wigs and weaves is that. [MUSIC]. There's a difference between a curly wig, weave, and a straight wave. I mean moisture's huge for curls. Especially in the summer months when you know humidity can dry out your hair. Or if you go swimming and your hair gets dried out. It's really really good to hydrate it, and water's a great moisturizer. [MUSIC] Moisturizer, and then of course, backing that up with a cream. I would say get into different styling methods. So at night time, whether it's twist outs, or braid outs. Okay. Or just something to give it different types of curls. Good, okay. And then also proper detangling. I mean. Detangle, yeah. Yeah. [LAUGH]. I think, I think, a lot of times people are just like oh curly weave, its a weave, its a wig so I can do it just like a straight weave or straight wig. But it's different. And it's different. And so you know, taking time to detangle it properly just so you can keep it, and make sure it lasts long. That's a big thing. And then also just, taking time with it, because it's different like I said. So that's my other tip, would be love on it. Love on it, treat it as if it were your own. Absolutely. Well thank you so much for coming. Thank you for having me. I'm so glad you're here, and I'm looking forward to maintaining my weave. [LAUGH] Okay.

How To Maintain Weaves and Wigs

Ngozi Opara, the founder of Heat Free Hair, teaches us how to care for your weaves and wigs as if it were your own hair.