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I have one last slayed or shade topic, you ready? It's a surprise one. No. All right, so you've been dating someone for three months, do you bring them home for Thanksgiving? She's like [INAUDIBLE] [LAUGH]. You've been dating someone for three months, do you bring them home for Thanksgiving dinner? Slayed or shade? Shade. Slayed. I just. I'm not. I haven't been doing well, but. [LAUGH] Slayed. Kim, I'll let you start first. Slayed. Why is it a slayed? Yeah! 300 days to three months. That's like 10 years at my age. So, we already. We go together. We engaged and we about to have a baby. [LAUGH] But he need to meet the family. He gotta meet everybody. [UNKNOWN] what do you say? Slayed? I said slayed because maybe somebody's putting it down. You know? I'm gonna talk to her. [LAUGH] She said I feel it. [LAUGH] [CROSSTALK] Just got off the pole, works for her. Dang. [LAUGH] Go through my girl Po like that. No problem guys. And not that there's anything wrong with that either. No, not at all. But I think, you know, somebody's putting it down. It's good, you can't judge somebody's love. I believe that's true. Maybe by Christmas they'll be broken up but.. But maybe not. They might be together for a lifetime. Then they find somebody else by next Thanksgiving. It's a rotation. [UNKNOWN] you get the final word on this one. I have a lot of aunts Okay, and my mama, and they are black women to the core. So every single time I would talk to them afterwards, they'd be like, so what happened to little so-and-so? And if it's three months, I don't, we're still getting to know each other. Especially if I didn't have like a girlfriend check before. My friends don't know. Like I meet the friends first. So maybe you can come meet my friends like, Thanksgiving night, but you ain't coming to my house, lies, no, not yet. I'm from Louisiana. My parents had to meet everybody. My daddy always said he wanted to meet whoever I was dating so he knew right one to take down. There's none of that honking and then you go outside. He said I got to lay eyes. I lay eyes. You've got to. He'll kill me for saying that. No, no, Daddy right. He's got to meet them all, he just want to make sure You ain't bringing home a woman in ten years. God Bless. I am just telling you that's what they told me, you know we thought you was, cuz you never brought anyone home. Tell mind your business. [UNKNOWN] mind your business, mind your business. This was ten years ago, it wasn't popular. [LAUGH]

How Long Should You Date Before Bringing a New Boo Home for the Holidays?

Bringing a boo home for Thanksgiving Dinner after only 3 months? Our panel weighs in.