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[MUSIC] Hi, I'm Deena Campbell, hair and beauty editor of Today I have with me, Jennifer. She is the founder and CEO of Perfect Hair Collection. Today she's gonna give us a few tips on how we can change our look from day to night. Today, I'm gonna show you a tip that you can do in five minutes. You can do this at home, or you can even do it in your bathroom at your office. In the office. Yes. Which a lot of women do. Yes. What you start with, is that you wanna split your hair into two big sections and put it on both sides of your shoulders. When you use large sections, you can curl your hair faster. Okay. So it makes it a little, that transition. It's easier. It's easier. It's easier. You want to use a flat iron or a curling iron, or even a wand, whatever your preference. Okay. But you want to use something that is about one inch. So you want to take a section of your hair, and you want to spiral curl it around your curling iron. Okay. or flat iron. Okay. And the you want to leave it for ten to 15 seconds, with the heat on it. And then you pull it out and hold it and hold it into your hand until it cools off. Okay. So that they curls set. You want to do that on, all throughout your hair. But you only need about five sections on each side of your head. So not too many sections. No. Just five. Okay. And then you just use your fingers and pull out the hair. And then it gives you volume. It gives you pretty curls and bounce. And then you're off to your event. Well, thank you so much for joining us, today. Thank you for having me.

How To Easily Switch Your Hair From Day To Night

Jennifer Harrison of Perfect Hair shares her tips on how to simply change your look from day to night.