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[MUSIC] Hello ma'am. Hello sir. Are you ready to start your workout? Yes sir. All right, so what I want to do today is start with the mind part first. Then as you become empowered, I want you to become aware. And to be able to sense and feel some of the things that's actually going on. My name is Jesse Bowen. I'm a martial artist. I've been studying the martial arts for about 40 years. I've been in business for 35 of those years. I'm on staff at Duke University. I'm a tenth degree black belt. Now life is just a journey is about your desire in your heart of what you want. And if you can now see that then opportunity will present itself. Martial arts is an excellent tools for women and number one it because, it helps to empowered them No, I have three daughters myself, and most of my black belts are actually female and what I find is that with ladies once they spawn that sense of empowerment of punching the kicking, because it's not about the self defence all entirely. It's about discovering themselves. So, what I'm gonna do is have you just sit down for a second. Yes, sir. Like this sir? Yeah, that'll be fine ma'am. And so what I want you to do close your eyes so you can remove all of the destructions that's been going on today in your life. We can see with our eyes but a lot of times we can close our eyes and we can see and experience more. I understand struggle But also understand how to move from struggle to a whole level of personal success. Anyone can get involved in the martial arts and they can grow but martial arts is one of the closest things you can do to enhancing a person's life. A lot of my students have Graduated from my courses and have been with me since they were four and they've gone off to college. They're neurologists, they're all different things they have achieved success at. It's a life process, it's not a now process. It's a life process. [LAUGH]

How Ammarah Haynes Empowers Herself Through Karate

Filmmaker Madeleine Hunt-Ehrlich spotlights 16-year-old Ammarah Haynes, a straight A student and Muslim who forms a Muslim student alliance in her school to facilitate conversation and awareness.