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Hello everyone. I am The Glam Father, stylist to the stars, and today I'm going to show you how to rock your short natural hair. So the secret behind wearing your short natural hair, is to pick the right accessories, that are going to fit the look properly. So, I found a little belt, a little skinny belt because you wanna go for a thin look, and kinda double that as a head band. Hold down for me please with your hand up top. Slide it down at the bottom, let go. You can double it out, but I like to kinda crisscross it on the side. And you have your nice casual fun look. So the next band look I wanna do, speaking of that, is one of the favorites. I found some great headbands in the beauty department, I found a nice sparkle one, and I found a nice kind of satin one to double them together. So again, your gonna hold your hand on top, bring your hand on top. Slide down to the bottom. Let go. I like to kinda place the sparkly one more in the back, you know, for a more [UNKNOWN] look and the satin one in the front. Again we're gonna crisscross that headband for a cool look. And, we're gonna kinda spice up this look a little bit more. So I found these beautiful orchids I can clip in her hair. Clip these right onto the headband, especially if you have short, natural hair. Sometimes the, you know, flowers won't stay onto your own head, but they're so great and sturdy within, in the bands. And she's gonna go from the Oscars, to a nice little cha cha on the town. When you're choosing your ornamentations for your hair, or there's a headband, a flower, a textured belt, you wanna make sure that the accessory never overtakes the style you just created. You have beautiful hair color, show it off, accessorize it.

How To Accessorize Your Big Chop

Do you love the hair accessories Lupita Nyong'o adds to her short 'do? Celebrity hairstylist the Glam Father shows how you can get the look.