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What are you most looking forward to this year? This is like a girlfriend's day. People who you love and admire, you don't get to see often and you come together and everybody is looking good, smelling live, got our weaves on tight. I feel like I have been welcomed into a family that I considered myself a member of from a far and now finally I'm sitting at the table. It's the time of year you don't really even need a plus one because all your friends are all ready here. I wanted to ask you our readers sent in questions now for every celebrity that came in here, so if you could pick one question and answer it real quick. What's one food that you make better than anyone you know? I probably make. [MUSIC] The meanest like egg white frittata that, what, what's that? What's wrong? [LAUGH]. What was the last thing that you shopped for online? The very last thing. The very last thing. [LAUGH] You know we're sisters. [LAUGH]. Hair vitamins. Really? By Hairfinity. Oh, gosh. With all the money and stardom are you happy with your life? I would say that I am happy with my life, but not because of money and stardom. But I think happiness has more to do with peace and spiritual fulfillment and love. Yeah. [MUSIC] What do you think is happening that is sparking the sea of change in terms of getting more of us on camera? What's happening? You put a little color in there and all of a sudden it comes to life. So I think they're finally realizing that we can be in a part of the show from the beginning. We're not add-ons we're, we're part of the sauce. We've come a long way. I think, you know, you have women in front of the camera, behind the camera, producing. It's a great time to be able to express yourself and be creative in the industry. As I feel like there's a lot of attention being put on this year. And it's fantastic because beautiful things are being are made. But there will be beautiful things next year, and there were last year, and there will be in ten years, and it's less about, being, acknowledged, and more about being artists and continuing to do the work.

Highlights from the 2014 BWIH Red Carpet Livestream

See Lupita, Kerry, Ava and many more shine at this unique annual Hollywood event.