The Great Grits Debate: 10 Recipes We Love (Some with Salt, Some with Sugar)

Whether you're #TeamSalt or #TeamSugar, nothing beats a good bowl of hot and creamy grits. As the debate continues, here are 10 grits recipes we love. 

Lauren Porter Jun, 02, 2016

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It doesn't get more self-explanatory. With the additions of cream and cheese, it doesn't get much better than this. 

2 of 10 Saveur

You can't go wrong with a classic. With nothing some butter and some cream, this recipe is quick and simple. 

3 of 10 My Gourmet Connection

Move over shrimp and grits, there's another seafood favorite pairing with grits that nothing but a hit! This seared scallops with creamy bacon grits is the perfect twist in a delicious classic that still packs plenty of flavor to keep those tastebuds satisfied. 

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A little cheese has never hurt anybody! Add them to some grits and you've got a good thing on your plate. Throw in some barbeque shrimp to kick it up a notch and it's happy eating. 

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Kick the flavor up a notch with some bacon and some cheese with this grits recipe. If you're feeling the need to take the spice level up, add a jalapeno to really set breakfast off. 

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Food Network's Sunny Anderson delivers with this flavorful recipe for Cajun Baked Shrimp and Grits that have a kick of spice but are oh-so nice. 

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This might be just the recipe for #TeamSalt. Adding a little of garlic and just a dash of cheese, it's where savory and salty meet for the perfect balance in a breakfast bowl. 

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Not only is this recipe downright delicious, it looks good too. With eggs and bacon added into the mix, it's all you need for a breakfast you won't forget. 

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It's a new take on a good thing; bite sized Grits Fritters are definitely a hot menu item to get the guests talking. 

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No fuss here with this simple and easy recipe that is safe for everyone to enjoy.