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[NOISE] What's up Essence Live. It has been a long, long summer. But it's not because of like the hot dating parties and the brunches and the barbecues. But it's been a long summer because we had to go without our Empire. But fear no more. no more. It is back. ANd also back here on Essence Live, we have the beautiful and talented miss Grace Keeley. How are you? Hi! It's good to be here! Thank you so much for returning. Yes! Okay, I have tons and tons of questions. Okay, okay, I'm ready. Okay, so last time you were here You are now engaged. Congratulations. Thank you. Thank you. How is that? Has it changed your working relationship with Trey now that you're engaged,, and your relationship is public? What's interesting is that we actually don't talk about our relationship. Mm-hm. So. Which is a good thing. Yeah. Mm-hm. Yeah. But I will say that we've always been professional, and we always will be. Mm-hm. Yeah. So, there's never a moment where you're like mm? So, before you left the house you know you could have put your coffee cup in the sink, or none of that? [LAUGH] Oh, that's just me. I would do that. Okay, so last time we were waiting to see what was gonna happen with Mika and Lucius and y'all's whole triangle. And you caught Lucius, so now that season two is back where do we find your character? I know you can't spill too much, but where you Possibly see her going? Well, a lot of the alliances, like you said, are shifting. People that you don't think will go through a period of not talking, will not talk. So I think that it's going to be really exciting to kind of see the opposite of what you saw last season a little bit. And, I think, for my character, she gets to show a little bit more, a few more dimensions, I think. And so, you'll see her make you laugh, she'll make you cry, hopefully. You get to see much more of her humanity this time around, and you get to see how it shifts her relationships with every single person. Her life. And getting to see more of your character, may shift some people from team Cookie to team Boo Boo Kitty, if you are You know what though. I really hope that [COUGH] that with this season, instead of being one or the other, that you could be both. I think that's fair enough. Especially as women, here on Essence, you can kind of see both sides and kind of feel for both characters. Yeah. And some of my favorite movies or T.V. shows are the ones Is where although there are clear protagonists and antagonists, you can totally understand where all of them are coming from and it makes you just wanna watch everyone's story. And that's the way that life is. And that's what keeps us like this every week. I know. [LAUGH] Yeah. So that's what I'm hoping for. And so your alliance with Yazz, are we gonna see that play out a little bit more? I think so. In season two? I think you'll definitely get a chance to see if they really are allied and in what way are they allied. You get to see if there's loyalty there or if that turns into something deeper, which is gonna be really, really jaw-dropping. Because that dropped my jaw. [CROSSTALK] Girl, it dropped my jaw. When you read in in the script, you were like, what, now? I read it in the script. I was like. No, no, please, no, please. Wait a minute. Three did that, okay just checking. [LAUGH] That was me, I was like wait a minute. She got hit that low? Hey. Is that what's happening, is that what we're doing? Yeah. [MUSIC]

Grace Gealey Talks 'Empire', Working With Fiancé on Set

ESSENCE Live host Dana Blair caught up with Grace Gealey aka "Boo Boo Kitty" to discuss Empire and working with her fiancé on set.