Get Your Glam on at ESSENCE Festival's New Beauty & Style Expo!

Are you ready to look even more fierce, flawless and fabulous? Of course you are. Then this year’s ESSENCE Festival is the place to be for our inaugural Beauty & Style Expo, July 1-3 in New Orleans.

ESSENCE.COM May, 12, 2016
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When I first really started believing I was beautiful, regardless of what people saying, it was probably when I was about 26 years old. So, it took about ten years for me to really develop and say I love myself and if no one around me thinks I'm beautiful, I still think I'm beautiful. [MUSIC] My challenge for all women out there is to really use makeup to enhance your beauty instead of redefining your beauty. Just truly accept who you are and you will feel the most beauty that you ever have. [MUSIC] I've definitely embraced my age in getting older. I absolutely love where I am. I feel so much more confident than I ever have. What really matters is how you treat other people and how you do yourself. And that's beautiful. The definition of beauty is Synonymous with confidence. It's all about how you feel and how those feelings are expressed in different ways. When I feel confident, then I feel beautiful. I told my daughter, work on your brand, then after, we can talk about the body. Because the brand is the power. [MUSIC] If I could tell all women one beauty secret, really embrace what makes you different. I think with beauty, style, and wisdom It's my strength from my mother and my grandmother and never to give up no matter what I chose to do in my life and I don't make excuses for things, I just try to find another way to get what I want, how I want. [LAUGH] Controlling my own power and not giving that to anyone else and that's important because people can manipulate you and change how you view yourself and really Cause harm to your mental state if you don't have that self esteem and that confidence. Beauty is loving yourself unrequitedly and ardently. Come learn, try out all the cosmetics, and spend some time with me. And so many other beauty icons like Tyra Banks, Tokyo Stylez, Misty Copeland and many more. It's free so register for your spot today. Space is limited. See you there.