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[MUSIC], here with Full Force. How is it guys? It is a wonderful thing man. We are blessed to be here, again and again. More to come, and it's a wonderful time, definitely. You guys preformed at family day yesterday. Tore the place out, it was already hot out there and y'all made it even more hot, what was that like? Man, we just a great time, man, it just feels good that we can still get back on stage and do the dog gone thing and, you know, still represent. Now you guys have a new project coming out. Whole lot of guest appearances. Let's just go through and tell everyone about it and why they should be excited about it. Oh man, it's a true labor of love. The album title, Full Force of Love with our friends. We have 30 former gold and platinum artists from faith Evans to Sheila E. Blair Underwood, Vivica Fox I mean, the list is endless. And they all came out for the love. So, it's, it's, gon, just some wonderful things. It drops August 20. 6. 26? And more information, the website's, or and it's great, it's great, it really is. And who's the album dedicated to? It's dedicated to this guy, Paul Anthony. Somebody I know. So it's dedicated to me and, being a champion of a lot of things, along with cancer, but it's about touching lives, sharing, spreading love and the children. Definitely. Awesome. Thanks so much, guys, for stopping by. Thank you, sweetheart.

Full Force on New Album

The old school R&B group talks about their ESSENCE Festival Family Day performance and their upcoming album.