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I just wanna ask, you do wanna have a baby, and you do wanna Yeah, I will. With him? Yeah, I'll do it. A 27 year old? Yeah. [LAUGH] Why not? I'm grown I can take care of myself. You really would? Yeah, and the baby. Even though you're not married, you're not in a committed relationship. Or, is this a committed relationship? We're committed, for now. [LAUGH] You hear me, I'm looking for a baby daddy. And not a husband first. It's so whack. All twisted around, but you know, you just want some bodies that cute, because I don't want no busted kid, it's these days, I'm like, can he be a baby daddy? [LAUGH] This is my moment to do what I really wanna do. I wanna kid now. So, you ready? You wanna have a kid. Right, lets do it. We doin it anyway. [LAUGH] I'm just, I'm just. I love you. I'm just making sure you're getting. Would you want? A 27 year old baby daddy. Really? I don't want your time to be ticking and he's not serious. I mean, how would it feel if he wasn't the good dad that you thought? He was gone. Would you- Well I can afford my own kid. And I could take care of my own child. Period. You know, that over 35, man, it just hits you like a ton of bricks. And you're just like, forced to readjust who you are. I want to be a mother. I have to be a mom. I have to be a mom.

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