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Today on Essence Live, we're live on Facebook. Evelyn Lozada is live in studio and will be answering your questions. Our Slayed or Shade panel is ready to go in on trending topics. We're getting you ready for beach Season with swimsuits to fit everybody type. Plus it's the world's premier of Essence Festival performer Maxwell's lead video. But right now, it's the Hot List, the biggest stories you're buzzing about today. Bill Cosby will now stand trial for one of the many sexual assault cases against him. The case was brought forth by Temple University staffer Andrea Constand in 2004, but was reopened in 2015 after other women made similar claims against Cosby. And now Newly released court documents from the case show that Cosby admitted to drugging and giving alcohol to young women. If convicted, the comedian faces up to ten years in prison, and he would have to register as a sex offender. [SOUND] It's back. VH1 has announced the return of its Hip Hop Honors Tributes, and the next one will put the spotlight on female emcees. Plus, this show will feature black women behind the camera. According to Shadow and Act, Queen Latifa's Flavor Unit and Mona Scott Young's Mona Me Entertainment Teams will serve as executive producers. The show airs live on VH1 on July 11th. Now, who do you wan to see honored at the show? I am putting my vote in right now for this one. [MUSIC] Now, Tay-tay, what is going on? Friend of the show and friend in my head, Tamar Braxton first broke news to her fans that she would no longer be on her talk show The Real With this somewhat cryptic Instagram message. I love you all, but I have been stabbed in the back by someone I stupidly trusted, not my man or my sisters, but as #tamartians you are very smart and can figure things out on your You own. Hm. Then the real made a joint announcement saying the singer was leaving to pursue a solo career. Her cohosts have all since professed their love for her online, but now Tamar's ex-assistant is popping off too. @MrLDavis tweeted, Tamar gave so much to your show. Didn't even properly promote her album, because she was trapped on set all day. Then y'all leak rumors that she's a diva and not liked by the viewers. Was Tamar a diva before or after she had to provide her own wardrobe and shoes cuz the cheap **** real ain't have a budget? Ooh, now this is getting messy honey. Did one of Tamar's co-hosts stab her in the back? How was she fired when her husband Vince is an executive producer of the show. Facebook fam, get your comments ready because we're taking it on in Slayedor Shade next. It's Thursday May 26, and Essence Live starts now. [MUSIC] Welcome to ESSENCE LIVE, I'm your host, Dana Blair. And if you're watching us live on Facebook, hey girl, hey! We are only the best damn digital talk show around, period and point blank! You can watch us every Thursday at 4 PM Eastern, and of course Shout out to our wonderful viewers watching us right now at We always want to hear from you. So you can hit us up on social media anytime using the #EssenceLive to join the conversation. And if you'd like to call in live to ask questions, and we know y'all gots lots to say, even want to talk to our celebrity guests, you can. Just email us at for details. Alright, we've got a whole lot happening today. It's time to get into Slayed or shade? Joining me is Laura Styles from Hot 97's morning show. Hi! Meow. CNN and HLN contributor and founder of Swagger NYC, Mister Sean Pierre Regis. Hello. Hello, my love. And last, but certainly not least, Here to just bring the ruckus, celebrity stylist [INAUDIBLE] Vice. [LAUGH] Me. Clutch pearls. How are you? I'm so happy to have all of you here. Happy to be here. And welcome, everyone. As I mentioned in today's hot list, there's some major shady-ness happening over at The Real. With our girl, Tamar Braxton. Panelists, what are your thoughts of how it all went down? Does any part of Tamar's departure from the The Real slay or nah? What say you, slayed or shade, peeps? Ooh, this seems like a tough one. This one's a hard one. I'm gonna start with you, Laura, shade? Por que? The only reason I feel it's a little shady, but I know how the business works because when you're in entertainment, It's like I've been part of this too, where they deal with these perceptual studies where they actually take clips of you and they do these focus groups and people want to know if you're a likable person or not, you know what I mean? So it's like you take risks when you're very vocal about your opinions and whether it's the way you look, whatever. So you take a risk all the time, whether people are gonna like you or not, right. But I feel like she's such, to me she was one of my favorites. Right. And I really feel that the way they did it, they could have prepared her. And I think that Tamar could have found a way to position herself where it just didn't look super shady. And then the way the other co-hosts came and they were like You could tell, everybody got caught off guard, you know what I mean? Right, right. So I think they always had like this family unit to them. So I felt like maybe if they would have prepared her, a little bit. I mean, nobody likes to get fired. True. Right. But maybe if they would have prepared her a little bit it could have gone a little smoother. Little bit smoother? Shawn? Yeah, I mean Did you slay or shade? I slayed. Okay. Only because I know what happened was Certainly shady. We know the industry, we've seen it time and time again, with Kelly, and Michael just recently. This is a cut-throat business that Tamar has been a part of, not only in talk shows, but in music too, and if there's one thing that I know about the The Braxtons, which is very little honestly, just Toni mostly, that may be shady. [LAUGH] But it's that they know how to come back from the brinks, right, these Braxtons have come back from the brinks. Yeah. And so Let this be an example for Tamar to pick up her stuff. And maybe she gets her own show online. Maybe she starts something else. But this isn't the end for her or any member of her family. So go and slay it. And show these girls at The Real what's really real. Okay, let them know. Let them know what's really, really real. I'm so nervous. Why shade [UNKNOWN] Well, usually when I'm here I'm on the fence. So it's like [UNKNOWN] We came up with that. But I think it's shade on behalf of The Real, not Tamar. I think she's a great asset to the show. Her personality, either you love it or you hate it. Right. It's a 50-50 I think in this particular for instance. Her personality is definitely larger than life but she balances out the table. Uh-huh. And it's one of those things where Like you said, you could have just give her a heads up. Right. Yeah. I don't think it had to be as messy as it has become when now people are defending themselves. Lonnie Love has just released her video. Yeah. Giving her side of the story. It can feel that way. A lot of times, when we work in this industry, you end up working with your coworkers more than you do your own family. You're around people and [MUSIC] You grow and development attachments. And I think, even for me, personally. Like, there is always a conversation that can be had before you put people on Front Street like that. I completely agree. I think it was shady on their behalf. Okay. And actually, I'm just going to keep your shady card there. [INAUDIBLE] As I mentioned, we are broadcasting on and Facebook right now. So let's see what the folks at home and at work are thinking. Well, we know some of y'all at work are just watching secretly. We have our correspondent Kayla [CROSSTALK] [LAUGH] Kayla, what are they slaying or shading, on the real, out there in Facebook world? There is nothing but love and support for Tamar. So far, Jasmine Felix, I like Tamar on the real. LaShiela Leddard, I love Tamar. there is some shade. Shelton Robinson, who cares? Yikes. There is one person, Shanita Blackburn. Well the show is nothing without my girl, I will not be watching anymore. And I think there's going to be a lot of that as well. Once you've taken out that energy and that pace You know. But I'm just curious to know what the executive producer table was like when her husband was sitting there and that decision was made. Okay. And how did he handle going home and not being able to discuss that. I know. Because As a Pisces, I know she's the type of person that would always wanna be on top of their next move, so- No, definitely. I'm curious to know how that went down. And before we move on topic number two, I wanna shout out Tish Lewis in Iowa watching. We love you out there in Facebook world. So moving right along, breezy, it's no secret that Chris Brown and his baby mama, Nia Guzman have their issues with one another. Earlier this week, the two were in court hashing out custody of their adorable two year old daughter, Royalty. And prior to their court hearing, Chris publicly slammed Nia for posting this picture of Royalty posing in a black tutu and leg warmers for her dance class, which he said made her look more like a 16 year old than 2 year old. All right, since then, Mia has taken down the controversial post of baby royalty, but not before she clapped back at Chris. Panelists, what are your thoughts on this story? Count of three, uno, dos, tres. Shade, shade, everybody's throwing shade. And Shawn's shaking his head. I'm gonna start with you. There's not upside to this. Listen, this is a Family that's in some sort of turmoil and of course, you know, lovers, partners, baby mamas and baby daddy's like they get in to fights all time but you know, Chris is in a really interesting position where He is forward facing to the public. And I just think it is to the detriment of their daughter to do it so publicly. Right. I mean how, she does not deserve this, she deserves better. And so this in fighting that she will then see later on, because as we know what happens online stays online forever. Why do that to her? And It just seems silly, it seems immature, and there's gotta be a better way for both of them. They are adults who have a child. And they need to act like adults who have a child. Gotta do it with the presidential hands, [INAUDIBLE]. [LAUGH] [INAUDIBLE] I think one thing I will say though, is that it's really good to see. I'm sorry, did I just jump in? That's okay. I'm sorry. Don't worry, that's okay. [LAUGH] [CROSSTALK] Girl it's okay. You know it's interesting to see, cause I every time I have to report some news about Chris Brown. Right. it's always him doing something, you know it's always in a negative light. Mm-hm. So I think it's time for us to you know every time that he's fighting for his child and he has these special moments with his baby girl I think it's important to highlight that, too. I agree. He's the only one peaking to him. He's just like I want to be a good father. And when I saw the picture, I'm not gonna lie to you, it felt a little weird, you know? I think it was the angle. It wasn't a good angle. [CROSSTALK] Do you DM mom though, do you DM her and say yo take this down or pick up the phone? Yes, you don't hit it right? Yes, that's what I was gonna tell you though. That's what I was gonna tell you. I felt like he could have handled it a little bit differently because there's enough attention going to the child, leave it alone. You guys can handle it like adults, talk about it and I'm pretty sure she would have been like you know what? All right let me take this down. Right. You know. But she said she's going to court and try to get that point. Wouri. [LAUGH] Well, that is exactly why I feel like she was actually shady in that situation. She made it public, so he just responded to what she put out there already. I mean, at the end of the day, looking at the picture, I don't think that's necessarily something that I would post of a two-year-old child. I don't even know that I would ask a child to pose like this, like where does she get that from? Yeah, the pose is [CROSSTALK] Right, that is true. There's something about the pose. The pose itself is like We've seen North West in a tutu and Penelope in a tutu a thousand times coming from ballet class, we've never had a issue with it. I don't think it's anything about what she's wearing, I think it's how it's situated. In this day and age where you've got grown women doing things like this it's like what is the message that you're sending. And obviously, her father has had enough experience in this field to know Don't put my daughter out there promoting it. So you put it on a public platform, I'm gonna let people know that I am checking you. Because I'm ridiculed for everything else, I'm gonna just go ahead and show you that I actually am a good dad. Like, if I don't say anything, he's one of these people he's damned if he does, damned if he doesn't. Damned if he does, damned if he doesn't. Kayla, what's our Facebook saying out there? I know they have some thoughts on Chris Brown. Very opinionated. Shelley says it's the pose that made it look bad. Jasmine says the mom didn't need to post the pic. Right. Jasmine Felix, the mom didn't need to post the pic of her two year old on social media, I agree with Chris. Okay, and you know that's a really good point Laura. We always are pointing our fingers at what people do wrong. Whether it's Chris or any other celebrity But if you're trying to do something right, we should give them the same praise as well. Absolutely. All right, our third and final topic is a doozy, honey. Kris Jenner wants that old thing back. [LAUGH] I love saying that. Not her ex husband Bruce Jenner, who is now Caitlyn, we're talking about the Kardashian class name [LAUGH] [LAUGH] In a deleted scene of this family's reality show Kris reveals to Khloe she's changing her last name back to Kardashian, despite the fact that she's been divorced from the late Robert Kardashian for over 20 years. Even Khloe found it bizarre and suggested Suggested that she should go back to her maiden name which the Mom-ager responded, if Bruce can change his name to Caitlyn, I think I'm good. Okay Kris Kardashian. Panelist, what say you? Slayed or shade? [CROSSTALK] I'll let you start off, pourquoi? Why shade? You know. [LAUGH] Cuz you know how I feel about these kids. Uh-huh, take your time. The Kardashian Jenner situation, there's always something with these girls. There's always something to make a moment, become a moment, to be a moment, so we can have a moment. So now, if we're losing any momentum, what's the most. You know- The next moment The next moment, and the most shock value that we can give. Now I want to go back to being a Kardashian cause that's what's hot. Right. And I think in the case of like a Blac Chyna type of situation, she beat the girls to the punch. You know what I mean? It's like At this point, I will be one of you. I'm doing something that you can do, you can't do Mm-hm. which is my baby will be a Kardashian. Mm-hm. Those are not. You know what I mean? So it's like, I think mom wants to have a piece of that too because, ultimately, that's what made the family famous. That's the empire. It's the Kardashian name. Sian, what are your thoughts? We should probably get Ray J some flowers. [LAUGH] For me, I think it's just a ploy to keep her in the news. Let's be honest, everybody knows who Kris Jenner is, she's arguably More powerful than all of them because she made them in a lot of ways. Right. And nobody is going to say, as she gave the example of calling a restaurant that Kris Kardashian does better than Kris Jenner. But, let's be honest, I would be confused if you told me Kris Kardashian was coming. Because I do not know a Kris Kardashian. I only know of Kris Jenner. Because I'm phoning. Yeah, so I think that it is just a play for her to continue the conversation and come on guys, let's be really real, again, who cares? It's her name, like I don't care why is this news, why is this trending about Kris Jenner changing her name? Right. It does not matter so stop trying to make a moment matter when it doesn't. #ALLLIVESMATTER Laura you get the final word on this honey. Can I tell you something? You took the worlds right out of my mouth. Because everything you said I feel too but We continue to talk about it. Yes, I know. That's why it's trending. You have to remember that- We're [INAUDIBLE] and we can't help it. Yes! I mean the Kardashian and Jenners are constantly shoved down our throat and whether we like it or not, whether if it's in a positive or negative light. We continue, we make them trendy. We make them popular. We play those video games, well I don't, but you know what I mean? Right, right. Like to me it drives me nuts when I see little girls freaking out about Kylie Jenner. Yeah. Like I want to be a Kylie Jenner. What does Kylie Jenner do? I don't even know what she does. Nobody knows. We don't know but we make them famous. Nobody knows. But ,you know, back to the topic of the name I think it's like I don't know Kris Kardashian. I know a Kris Jenner and who cares. And to me I started thinking about Kylee and Kendall. Because if I were them I would be a little, I would feel a certain type of way if my mom all of a sudden wanted to get rid of or change her name. [CROSSTALK] That sort of trans shade was like, I felt, a little bit disgusting and low-class, honestly. I mean how dare you say you're Your, Bruce changed his name or whatever. It's so much bigger than that. Right. They totally devalued that cultural moment. What was happening. I mean that, it was disgusting. I guess it's the same as the two girls changing theirselves into Kardashians without changing their name. And that was more shade. Kayla, what do you have on Facebook over there? I know our audience has a lot to say about the Kardashian. Shade left and right, Melanie Hazelton shade detected. Dorothia Thia, she should change her name back. Chloe, should change her name to Simpson. Someone said Brian H Comb, Ray J made that name famous. Sorry guys. [SOUND] Overall shade. [SOUND] I don't even no what else to say about that. Sip tea. [LAUGH] You're gonna sip some tea honey. Okay, I'm going to thank all you so much for joining in studio. Shawn's face is priceless. Don't go anywhere, we have Evelyn In studio next and she's taking our questions, plus, later in the show we've got a world premier of Maxwell's new video. But first, Trina, Traci, and Towanda Braxton dish on what we can expect from the new season of their hit reality show. I'm sorry. [MUSIC] I've learned never to wear my hair blonde and look like Ursula and wear purple at the same time. Okay, that's one thing that- Traci has learned. Traci has learned not to do ever again- [LAUGH] On Braxton Family Values. [LAUGH] The show has been so awesome, it's been just a blessing for all of us, because we've been able to use this as a platform for other things that we're trying to do. Of course everybody knew us as Braxtons, as a singing family. But now we're I guess diving into different endeavors, like Tracy is on a radio show, Tracy is doing Sirius XM. Yes the heat with Dion. So we're excited about that. Trinity just opened up her bar. Bar Trix. Bar Trix and it's delicious, let me tell you about something. I have a cocktail and a plate every time I go. It's delicious and of course I have my hairline, you can go to and get my hair and I'm acting, we're doing a lot of different things so We're really excited, we're thankful and blessed definitely. We're booked [LAUGH] just joking. Words to describe R&B songs, autobiographical. [MUSIC] Chilling, warm [MUSIC] sensual,thought provoking, instinct All of those things together. That's the instigation part, come to me. Come to me. I'm, god, I'm giving my mind away right now. Am I really supposed to be giving you all, all of this right now? I love it. I gotta leave a little bit of mystery. I'll love you. I want to love you, right now. Hi everybody I am Kelly Price And you are listening to the sounds of the soul. Whew. Where's the holy water? Y'all pray for me. [MUSIC] Hey family. I'm Andrea Day and you're watching Essence Life. Like teardrops falling down. [MUSIC] You're watching Essence Live, Essence Magazine's premier digital talk show. I'm your host Dana Blair and joining me now is a woman who was first introduced to us as a basketball wife, but today she is living Lizadda on Own. Please welcome Emma Lizadda to the show. Hi! Hi, how are you? I'm fabulous how are you? Good, I'm good. This is your first time to Essence Live, welcome. It is, thank you. You guys have a beautiful studio Studio. Thank, I enjoy the pillows. Yes. [LAUGH] So I just want to jump right into it, tell us about the new season of Livin' Lozada on OWN. The new season of Livin' Lozada obviously follows my family, me my daughter, Maybe at a mom after 20 plus years, I opened up about some really personal issues, you know, my fertility issues, so last episode I ended up having a miscarriage on Thanksgiving. So you know I was very open to discussing these things because I know that So many women don't talk about it. Right. And so many women take blame. So just Shanice. You'll Shanice on there a lot, obviously my costar, and her struggles with modeling and everything that she's going through. Was it difficult for you to make that decision to be so open, considering you've received a lot of criticism in the past. Was it difficult for you to say, you know what, I'm gonna show that vulnerable side. On this platform. I feel like even with basketball wives, even thought it wasn't the most positive side of me that you have seen, that was still a vulnerable side of me that people were seeing because I was obviously dealing with a bunch of things on the forefront of the show. It was a lot going on behind closed doors. Mm-hm. That's why reality tv has For me because I show every side of me. I would say It's real. It's real and I'm happy just to be able to do it differently and just be able to do it a little more positive. Was there one particular moment that made you say, from the side of you we saw on Basketball Wives to present, where you were like, you know what? I'm gonna make a change. Was there something that happened That made you make that actual switch to live in a different light, if you will? Probably when I met Yonla and I was going through my personal issues and my previous relationship. Definitely opened up my eyes to a lot of things, and a lot of things that I didn't want in my life, and I took off some time from reality TV, like two years, and I was like I want to change this. There was so much negativity and I focused on my personal life, myself. I ended up having my son- Who is adorable, by the way. [LAUGH] Thank you. I miss him so much being here but yeah, so I just wanted to just focus on my personal life and my family. And, as you mentioned, flipping a negative into a positive. Yeah. You've also become an advocate for domestic violence. Mm-hm. And really putting that out there, and you also helped someone on the show this season. Yeah. Can you tell us a little bit about that? So, with last season I was open, you know I would say, look, this is not About the person. Like this is about me and the things that I dealt with during that relationship. And so this woman watched the show and she put a comment on my Instagram page, and she was talking about how I inspired her, and thank you so much. If we're talking about, that's domestic violence and she was a domestic violence survivor and then she starts talking about how her ex gouged the back of her teeth out. So I took a screenshot of the message because it just stuck with me. That's why I'm a cry baby, I've lived in, I know what she She's been through, so I was like, what can I do for her? Right. So I had her come on the show, I ended up talking to my dentist, and he totally agreed. We had surprised her and we had all of her teeth fixed. So that was great for For me, and like I told her, I said I'm not trying to exploit your story, this is not about your abuser, this is really about you, and I wanna make you feel good about yourself and, so, of course, we had a crying moment and it was great. But I was just really happy to be able to do that. For her. No that I saw that clip. Yeah. And that really touched me as well. Are you ready to take some questions from our Facebook live audience? Sure of course. Kayla our correspondent in the studio, Kayla what questions do we have up first? Well everyone is just so excited that your here, so that everyone just wants to give you a shoutout. Daretha working on me I once a month say hey girl>>>Hey>>> [INAUDIBLE] I've always liked Evelyn although I didn't always admire her behavior on basketball wives. Sheryl says she loves you and Carol Joyce says she loves your shoes [INAUDIBLE] My little, my Melody prints tag on there>>> How cute>>> Shout out to Melody out there in L.A. You know I want to ask you about basketball is, you're quote. You ain't about this life. Yes. We often get asked on our relationship columns here on about dating athletes and things of that nature. Do you have any insight? Is it as glamorous as it appears to be? No. I think people think that it's just perfect because you're living a certain lifestyle but I mean you have your moments, it depends on the person too. I'm with an athlete now and we have a great relationship. So I sleep peaceful at night, I don't worry about anything and the only real difficult part about that is that he works a lot. Right. He's on the road every other week. So that's the most difficult part. But I guess it really just depends on the relationship, right? Right. And you have to treat it like in an individual basis. Yeah and I'm glad that I be in judge him based off of other things that I dealt with, and I went to it with an open mind, no baggage. You know, this is a totally different person and it worked out and you know, we have a good thing. That's very big of you cuz I would be like this Well, I know I'm pretty good about letting that go and not being judgey and not, you know. That's big, that's growth. That's what it's all about You gotta leave that baggage behind. Yeah. Was Erykah Badu bag lady. You gotta let that go. You really do. Kayla, do you have a question for us from the Facebook fam out there? Comment from Dianne Robinson. It's sure good to see and hear Ms. Lozada. Glad her life is going in the direction she wants it to go. She's always been a positive woman. And I can relate to her. Aw, that's nice. That's awesome. I will say, since Basketball Wives, the messages [LAUGH] that I get now and [LAUGH] tweets and Instagram messages have been so positive. So, it just really goes to show how things have Shifted, because before, my timeline would be like girl, you're this, you're that. [LAUGH]. And I get it now, but it feels so good that it's different. And it's just more positive. I mean, you may have one fool that wants to say There's always one, Yeah, always one, right? there's always one. But I just hit the black button, and that's what I do, I don't respond. Fun anymore. And that's a testament to you though and your energy- Yes. And being able to change and inspire. So pat yourself on the back as well. Thank you. Thank you so much for joining us here on Essence Live- Thank you. And you can watch Livin' Lozada Saturday nights at 9 PM Eastern On own. Coming up we've got swimsuits that will love you no matter what your body type. They'll be perfect. Everyone look fierceg on the beach. That world premier Maxwell's' new video is also coming up. But right now Neighbors 2 star Kiercyg Clemens reveals her hair story and the one style she will never do again. The worst thing that can happen to me is to get a bad weave. I reminded myself of a man with a toupee on and I was just like, what is this? Why did I do that to myself? [MUSIC] I always wanted to cut my hair cuz I've always had such big hair. So I was four, and one day I started getting weaves and I would just go crazy with colors. Purple hair, red hair, teal, twist, jumbo braids. And then I grew my hair, went through this phase I wanted to be like Erica [UNKNOWN]. And once it got to a really big state, I was like cool now we're gonna chop it off. So then I shaved the sides for Dope and then I made it blonde and grew out a little bit and now we're back. [LAUGH] [MUSIC] The end of last year, I hadn't had weave in a really long time and I was like I want to go back to weave life And so I got one really quickly. But I don't know, I got really too confident with it and was like, I wanna do a side part thing here. And my hair was too short, though. And I haven't straightened my hair in a long time so it wasn't trained. [LAUGH] And so it wasn't blending. The worst Thing that can happen to me is to get a bad weave. I reminded myself of a man with a toupee on. And I was just like, what is this? Like, why did I do that, to myself? I looked like a 40-year-old man, with a weave. It was so bad. [MUSIC] I went through the whole thing, of like Not being proud of who you are. And [COUGH] my hair like being curly and really course. And I was like no, all guys like that. Like I want long, flowing hair. But now I really don't. I don't really give a [BLEEP]. [LAUGH] And I think guys think my short haircut is cool. At least the ones that like me. And they the only one s that matter. [LAUGH] Cutting it is literally one of the best things that ever happened to me is cutting my hair. And I would have grown this attachment to such a silly thing. I feel like sometimes we rely on hair to like flip it like I'm being sexy and I'm being so cute but it's like you're already that in yourself. So that was cheesy but i liked it. [LAUGH] [MUSIC] Grab some contact solution. Okay. Take at least two to three drops inside of your mascara, and work up all those clumps and voila. Voila. Fresh mascara. Awesome, awesome. Welcome back to Essence Live, I'm your host Dana Blair. That was our very own makeup artist, Tara Lauren, demonstrating some quick beauty hacks. If you missed it, you can watch the full segment on under the videos section or on our YouTube channel. Alright, speaking of looking fabulous, swimsuit season is here, honey. And if you're headed to the beach for Memorial Day Weekend and need a bathing suit that will cover your problem areas. While you can still stun on them, we got you. And here to help me is fashion stylist extraordinaire Rosie Filladore. Hi. Hi, I love everything you're giving me. Thank you honey, I love your white shoes. Thank you. A little [INAUDIBLE] A little pop to match my tan, you know. So before we get started, do you have a quick tip that any woman can apply when you're trying to shop for a swimsuit? This season. I would say just know your body type, and try on as many as possible, until you figure out the one that makes you feel the most confident, and just go for it. Okay, so we're gonna check out some swimsuits now. First up we have Corinthia, and I wanna point out before we get started that all of the swimsuits we're gonna see today All by black-owned businesses. Alright. Black businesses matter. So, first off is Corinthia. She wanted something to accentuate her small bust and disguise her tummy, which is some pretty common issues. So let's see what she looks like before. Hi, Corinthia. Alright. And here is Corinthia now. Yes. Okay, color. Looking fabulous those sunnies are. Everything. Okay so tell me about this look. The swimsuit is by Naki Muli. And it's an Aztec print which camouflages her stomach area so that way, you're focused on the print and vibrant of the colors in the swimsuit. Mm-hm. And she just looks fabulous wearing it. She feels confident. The sunglasses are by Beauty and the Beach. I love them. The blue and the turquoise shell kind of motif that it has is fabulous. [CROSSTALK] I love the high waist, that's in right now, right? The high waisted. It works for every shape, every silhouette. The bracelets are fabulous. She's pulling it all together. I love that, and I love that fringe on top. And the bracelets are by Double High Five Brooklyn. Double High Five Brooklyn. I like that. The fringe makes me feel like you got a little something for the girls. Yes. I love this look. Thank you so much Corinthia. Thank you Corinthia. All right. Next up we have Shenary. She says her problem areas are her thighs, let's see what she looked like before. That's [UNKNOWN] and here is [UNKNOWN] now, giving me con realness. I love this. This is fabulous, tell me about this look. It's by Rue 107, it's a sheer coverup wrap dress which looks really sexy and at the same time The top is by Simone, the bottom is by Constance, the tote is by Sonoma. Hello fabulous. Hello, she wants everybody to see [CROSSTALK]. And I like that the wrap is a very light material. Yes. So it doesn't feel heavy Sheer yeah. The black is very chic. You look [UNKNOWN], okay we see you [UNKNOWN]. All right, thank you so much [UNKNOWN]. [LAUGH] Now while voluptuous women are often in demand in our community, our next model Brianna wrote to us with a problem that a lot of ladies can relate Relate to, no curves. Here's Brianne in her own swimsuit. This is the before, surfing abs. Yes. [LAUGH] And here's Brianne now. I love the colour of this swimsuit. That blue, that blue is everything, it's in the season. Mm-hm. She is wearing it because Cut outs are beautiful. Mm-hm. It makes her look long and lean but still curvy. Right. And the sunglasses are fabulous. They're by Nico. I feel like everybody needs good sunglasses this season. Just spend the time and get them. Yeah. Yeah, absolutely. And who's the swimsuit by? The swimsuit is by Andrea Lyamah. The cutouts are everything, the blue is fabulous on her skin tone. With the gold piping, it just looks amazing. And who's the bag by? It's by Coco Loves This has beautiful stripes. It has a nautical feel. Fabulous. So you can pick up a sailor boo. Yes. And the sandals are by DV, Dolce Vita. I love those. Yes. Thank you Brionne. You can see I'm focused on picking up the boos at the beach. I'm just saying. All right, we have one last problem area that needs fixing. Julia says she suffers from the dreaded love handles, big stomach combo. Swimsuits are definitely not forgiving for those areas. So here's Julia's look before. Hi, Julia. Hi, Julia. All right. You better come through with the color. Yes, with the color-blocking. I absolutely love this one. I feel like it's flattering to so many different body types. Yes. It's by. It's beautiful. It's very eighties style. It's color block so it camouflage everything because your eyes are on the color. And it just shapes The halter neck, the wrap is so flattering. She looks amazing. She looks confident. She is just working it. Who are the accessories by? The Target, necklace. Yes. Okay, Target necklace. And the bracelets? Double High Five Brooklyn, the bracelets are by. And the sandals are everything. I felt like you can never have too much colour. Yeah. The sandals are by Latigo. Very pretty nude with a pop of color. Love the stones. She looks absolutely stunning Thank you so much Julia. And can we have all of the models come back and join us so we can see all of these the fabulous looks I'm ready to go to the beach honey. It's cute, beautiful. Ladies look absolutely stunning. Thank you so very very much Rosie for coming. Absolutely. You have to come back. Thank you for having me, I would love to come back. Getting me and my tan all the way right. These are definitely helpful and thank you again for all of our fabulous models. Say you, do you like these swimsuits, or not really? Keep leaving your comments and we'll check back in with you a little bit later on in the show. And don't go anywhere because our Black Girl Magic Moment of the Week and the world premiere of Maxwell's new video, Lake by the Ocean, are coming up. You do not want to miss that. Right now Food Networks Eddie Jackson breaks down what you should and shouldn't do at the barbecue this Memorial Day. [MUSIC] Hi, I'm Eddie Jackson, co-host of Kid's BBQ Championship on Food Network, and these are my BBQ Do's and Don'ts. Do bring your new beaus to the cookout if you want her to get talked about. If they don't know that person, they're going to talk about it. Laura, look at that. Why she come out here with that on? Look at her. You know, she's not looking. That's how family is. Do have people bring dishes. A potluck. But only the people that you know can cook. Do not, under any circumstances, get somebody to bring potato salad when you know they cannot make potato salad. I have a very nice way to tell them not to do it. Don't bring that damn They have potato salad. It is a definite do not let your man man the grill if he's terrible. Why subject him to people talking behind his back. So go ahead and hey baby, you know what lets do this together today. You know what let me help you be great. Do not Get upset, nor say anything, when the pastor is blessing the food. My pastor literally blessed every plate, every person, every ingredient on the table. Dear Heavenly Father, I wanna thank you for each and every salt grain. These fingers. Big mamma, she slaved over this food. The grains that fed the chicken of this fried chicken that's on this table. I wanna thank you for, Amen. [LAUGH] I'm Eddie Jackson, co-host of Kids Barbecue Championship, on Food Network. And these were my barbecue do's and don'ts. So, let us know what your do's and don'ts are. And leave them down in the comments. You're watching Essence Live, I'm your host Dana Blair. Did you know Maxwell's performing at this year's Essence Festival? You better go get those tickets. And if you're watching us on Facebook, let us know in the comments section what song you want to hear most from him at this Figures Festival Performance. But now, Here it is. The world premiere of Maxwell's latest video, Lake By The Ocean. [APPLAUSE] [BLANK_AUDIO] [SOUND] [BLANK_AUDIO] [NOISE] [FOREIGN] [FOREIGN] [BLANK_AUDIO] [SOUND] [BLANK_AUDIO] [FOREIGN] [FOREIGN] [MUSIC] [FOREIGN] [FOREIGN] [MUSIC] [FOREIGN] [APPLAUSE] [MUSIC] The one that made me fulfilled, only the thing that made me was ill, my destiny was before us, be each other for us, anything ain't nothing to us, it's just you, just us, nobody but [MUSIC] [ MUSIC ] That was the world premier of Maxwell's new song "Lake by the Ocean." You better stand there and make out in the water Maxwell. I'm feeling it. I'm ready. I can't wait to see you or your thoughts on his new video, and I can't wait to see Maxwell at the Essence festival. Let's check in with our correspondent Kayla who is manning our social media feed. Alright, people are loving the bathing suits. Will says he love the colors in Karithiag bathing suit. Melissa says she loves the highways bikini. Durithas said that black shear cover up is fully gingg. And she also said don't bring potato salad, it's hot outside. First of all, you've got to have potato salad at your barbecue. No. It'll go bad. No, you'll figure out. Potato salad is essential. However, I do have the tee on the sheer black cover up because so many of you out there were talking about it. The sheer black swimsuit and coverup are from Rue 107. It's the Simone bikini top and the Constance bottom. All right. All right. So Kayla, what are they saying Maxwell, my boo? In my head? They love Maxwell. Madeline says, lord. Will says, where has he been? Joanne Moss said, I love Maxwell. Everyone to sing I love him I love him, another hit for him. Sound so so Maxwell Deon said, Joanetta nice, love it. Everyone loves it. And of course Will said Lord where has he been, clearly he was at the lake, by the ocean, having the hot steamy video But of course, if you want to see him in person, you have to go to Essence festival, fourth of July weekend. Any other interesting comments, questions, or shoutouts Kayla? Everyone's just loving it. They can't wait to see Maxwell. Of course you're just loving it. You can buy your tickets for Essence festival, visit Call your wife, call your friends, call your girlfriends, call your cousins. Everybody I want to see you down in New Orleans fourth of July weekend, and There's so much more to see. Now it's time for our black girl magic moment of the week, and the honor this week goes to the young ladies of the Chicago Multicultural Center. A video of the ladies incorporating hip hop moves into their routine went viral this week, and a school administrator told Buzzfeed news that some of the girls have been training with the school since they were just Three years old. You go girls. And remember you can watch Essence original black girl magic documentaries on I wanna thank Adam Lazzada and all of our guests for coming through today. Of course my social media correspondent in this studio, Kayla. Woohoo. Woohoo. If you missed any of it, you can catch the replay immediately after this show, or watch Clips on demand, on's video section. Plus, we're on the YouTube. Go go, and subscribe right now. I'm your host Dana Blair, and I'll see you next week. [MUSIC]

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