ESSENCE Social Media Director, Charisma Deberry, shares her personal skin journey with Vivace® Radiofrequency Microneedling.

Microneedling is ideal for patients who want rapid improvement in their skin quality with a minimal time commitment and no downtime.

After a pandemic-induced three-year hiatus from the dermatologist, I was elated to try Vivace microneedling and SoME PRP Personalized Skincare at the Beverly Hills Hotel with Aesthetics Biomedical. I am not the easiest patient as my pain tolerance is low and skepticism about non-invasive skin hacks is high, so this was an experiment of sorts. I was pleasantly surprised to connect with a women-led practice, Skin Five by Ava MD, as my new skin expert.  

Microneedling is a minimally invasive skin procedure that stimulates collagen growth and it is safe for all skin types. One of the main benefits of miconeedling is collagen stimulation. While we all are born with an abundance of collagen in our skin, the body stops producing it in our mid to late 20s. So, in my early 30s, I am becoming more concerned with ways in which I can continue to produce collagen, as an anti-aging preventative and to avoid the filler, poke, and pump regime that is taking over Los Angeles.  

After my first treatment in the large group, I visited the posh Skin Five location in Century City for a private full-service experience. My provider, Elaina, suggested that I needed about four treatments to see optimal results from the Uplifter by Vivace® treatments since I had expressed concerns with hyperpigmentation and scars from an early adult bout with stress-related acne.  

I received my first microneedling session in November and finished my treatments in January with about a month in between each session to allow my skin to recover. Overall, the treatments improved my skin’s appearance and got into the groove of self-care post-pandemic, I immediately noticed reduced fine lines, a tighter, smoother complexion, and smaller pores. I have also received tons of comments on my glow and youthful appearance which has encouraged me to dial back on my makeup routine.  

In the future, I would take an over-the-counter pain med to lessen the discomfort during treatment, while there is a numbing step, it was not 100% painless. Also, I would build my schedule around staying out of the sun post treatment which is hard to do in sunny southern California but worth protecting your investment. Also, I’d encourage anyone who is interested to create a self-care savings fund because these treatments can set you back $1,500. But, it’s worth it over more invasive treatments and cosmetic procedures.  

Quick Facts on Microneedling:  

  • IMPROVES: Loss of firmness, loss of elasticity, lackluster skin, wrinkles/lines, uneven skin texture & tone, acne scarring, scars from skin trauma. 
  • TREATMENT TIME: Sessions are 30 minutes to 2.5 hours, depending on treated areas. 
  • RESULTS: You will see & feel results immediately with noticeable improvement after 2-3 days. You will see results continuing to improve over the next few weeks. 

Check out the video to follow my experience.