Tichina Arnold Recalls Her Horrible 'Girls Trip' Audition and Competing With Other Black TV Shows

Tichina Arnold on what Girls Trip role she auditioned for and compares the success Survivor's Remorse with other prominently Black TV shows.

ESSENCE.COM Aug, 17, 2017
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[bbb] It is an amazing time to be a black actress on t.v.. We have Insecure. There's Empire. And these shows- Girls trip. Girls trip. I love that movie it was such an awesome- [INAUDIBLE] Part two. My God. Did you audition? My audition was horrible. I told- Yeah [INAUDIBLE] I'm like we can't air this on tv. Wait a minute. We can air this. Okay wait. Jay is my girl. You were going for, which character were you going for? You were going for Tiffany's role. I was going after your role Tiffany! That role was, I think the role was mine. [LAUGH] Yeah you did amazing, girl! It's hilarious. We love you. I was so happy for Tiffany's success. But I need part two cuz it's about to hit the 100 million mark. So that is awesome, right? Yes! Yes, black girls rock. When love wins, we all win. Win. We all win. But my question as gonna be how do you feel about the shows trend right? Every Sunday people are talking about Insecure and people are talking about Empire. Do you feel like perhaps the Survivor's Remorse doesn't get the same amount of love? No we don't. You don't. We don't. [CROSSTALK] Take it Tichina. Thank you. It's been a slow burn. I told her like, I've been doing television for so long. I knew it from the moment I read this script, you know it felt good. We did our first tape read I was like, this show is going to be phenonimal. But it didn't get the recognition that it should have. Because was gonna be a slow burn. It needs to be pushed, it needs the money. We have to get the budget. So I think once we got out there after the second season and then they put as on after power. Mm-hm. Then we were able to get a little more recognition from people, because it got more eye. So the more people that watch the show, and I notice that people binge watch our show. People love it. Yeah, they do, it's a binge watch show. And you guys do tweet when the show is on, right? Yes. So make sure you follow them. [BLANK_AUDIO]