Go Beyond Kegels With Pelvic Physical Therapy

In this segment of ESSENCE Now's "Health Myths Busted" panel, Dr. Jessica Shepherd, Dr. Drai and Dr. Nita Landry discuss how to keep your vagina strong after pregnancy with Kegels and pelvic physical therapy.

ESSENCE.COM Aug, 23, 2017
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[BLANK_AUDIO] I'm pregnant with my first child, but I've heard that labor will leave my vagina too loose and will make sex unenjoyable. What can I do to tighten up post-baby? Are Kegels the only option? Signed, Confused in St. Louis. Please help Confused in St. Louis. Al, what say you? [LAUGH] So the vagina is a muscle just like my muscles right here, right? So you have to exercise it, So the way you could do it is by doing simply kegels. It's the same thing you do when you fake orgasms right. You squeeze in and you let go. So you could do it three times in ten minutes to exercise your vagina. Or you could use something called a Ben Wa ball which are resistance balls that you can put inside the vagina. The trick is ladies, make sure you wear your undies when you're doing Doing this. Or will they fall out? They will fall out That is embarrassing. If you don't have enough strength, so make sure you use undies while you're using the benwey balls. Is there a difference between If you've had multiple children or not in terms of doing these exercises and the importance of them. Does it matter, really, after you've had children? The more babies that you've had, the looser the vagina is going to be. You want to do more and more exercises. Super important. One thing I would also say for that is, I've sent a lot of my patients to a pelvic physical therapist. I really use pelvic physical therapists so much. Just like you go to a physical therapist if you hurt your back, you hurt your knee They will actually evaluate your pelvis. The pelvis is full of so many different muscles. And they will actually help you identify which are the muscles that need help. Give you the exercises and also we can do things like trigger point injections. And also there are really good in addition to the balls that you men, not those balls, [LAUGH] you know other balls. The other balls, yes. There is a new it's like a gadget and I love gadgets as a surgeon. But it actually is something that you can really look at the bio feedback of the muscles, and so again, you insert it into the vagina but it regulates and tells you if you should hold it stronger, longer, and it gives you all that feedback onto an app on your phone.