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[BLANK_AUDIO] [MUSIC] Okay, all right. We see you [INAUDIBLE] out with the jokes. Now although Anthony Scaramucci is gone as the White House communications director, he's not the only one who couldn't make it in the Trump administration. There was also Attorney General Sally Yates who was let go in January for not supporting the travel ban. National Security Advisor Michael Flynn who resigned in February after admitted to misleading officials about his interactions with Russian leaders. FBI Director James Comey Who was fired in May. Press Secretary Sean Spicer who quit less than two weeks ago. And Reince Priebus, who made it all of six months as Chief of Staff. And hey, black women, Apparently we can get it too. He also can, chief usher Angela Reid, who was the first woman to hold the job. [SOUND] [BLANK_AUDIO]
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